oh hello,

my name is Elizabeth,

but please, just call me Beth.

Welcome to my blog.


I give no guarantees about this blog.

and updates can be expected to be a biweekly or perhaps even monthly occurrence.

But I like the idea of having a solid place to record thoughts that I want to make known or perhaps just want to remember.

And so, this blog is born.


At the moment I have 3 blogs, and 1 website that I am maintaining,

poorly maintaining,

but in existence nonetheless…

1 photography website

and 3 photography  blogs


and so I think it is time to bring in a blog focusing on the written word,

though I would never think to divorce my words from photography, I think I love photos a little too much to separate the two,

I just think it is time to begin forming words to remember, as well as taking photos to remember.


and so,

happy birthday little blog

may you be granted with many wordy posts in the future and maintained with love.


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