365 days ago.

The other night, Justin and I were talking and in a moment of quiet in our conversation he mentioned how he was thinking about a year ago today and about how what he is like and what he is doing now compares to who he was and what he was doing just a year ago. And so I started thinking about what I had been up to a year ago this month and then I realized I probably had a photograph from this month last year. And quite surely, I did. So below is a small breakdown of the differences a year can make…..


………..A Year Ago

  • Second semester Freshman in college
  • Single
  • Finding my identity in the wrong places
  • Using a Canon Rebel t1i
  • Waiting for Spring
  • Living in the dorms
  • Beginning to get to know a one ‘Chipmunk Lady’
  • Starting to journal more about daily life
  • Feeling like I had heard it all in regards to Christianity due to so many Bible classes and chapels
  • Trying to fix things on my own
  • Bleach blonde hair
  • Nose piercing
  • Focused on becoming a Fashion photographer
  • Growing and learning daily
  • So blessed by God



  • Second semester Sophomore in college
  • So ‘in like’ with my favorite boy
  • Focusing on finding my identity in Christ
  • Using a Canon 5D Mark II
  • Waiting for Spring
  • Living in an apartment
  • ‘Chipmunk lady’ is now my best friend
  • Journal is now nearly full
  • Learning about what it means to be quiet before the Lord and listen to Him teaching me
  • Still learning that I can’t fix things on my own, no matter how much I try, and no matter how good my intentions are, Christ will always be better at fixing than me…..and I am quite alright with that.
  • Natural hair color alllllll the way
  • Way too busy to have metal in my nose any more
  • Re-evaluating the technicalities of a Fashion Photographers career
  • Learning and growing daily
  • So blessed by God

So many lessons learned, so many tears, so much laughter, so many new and stronger relationships made, so much fun had, so many trials gone through, so much grace from God, so much provision……….so many changes and happenings in just a year.


what about you?

what were you like or doing a year ago today?

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