to be ‘in like’

The concept of being ‘in like’ is probably not an original thought of my own mind,

I enjoy the concept so much though that I have dedicated many times of thought towards breaking down what it actually means

 to be ‘in like’?

These days, so many newly dating couples pronounce their ‘love’ for each other within a matter of weeks and at times maybe just a matter of days…

This always seemed unusual to me,

I can not help but wonder,

How can you love them so quickly?

There are only two explanations I can think of,

[1] The correct definition of what love is is not fully understood


[2] Couples are too anxious to jump past the ‘in like’ stage and pronounce the weighty statement that they are ‘in love’ too soon to indicate the hopeful depth of their relationship to others and to each other.

And I can not help but feel that they are jumping over such an important step.

Being In Like.

It is a stage that so many couples disregard as not being legitimate or important.

It is almost like they feel like if they are not in love, then what are they?

I feel, however, that the stage of in like is incredibly important

The main and perhaps most important benefit of the ‘in like’ stage is:

so that

…you are not rushing a commitment level that should not be present yet…

Perhaps some think that if the phrase ‘I love you’ is used than that indicates a more solid amount of commitment…. however, if the authentic sentiments are not present behind the phrase, no amount of repetition is going to solidify better commitment, and if the weighty phrase ‘I love you’ is applied to early, there is no way for that commitment to have had the time to grow which in some ways could cause confusion and hurt at some point….and that is where the ‘in like’ stage comes in to play, it gives time for commitment to develop, it gives a title to the in-between stage before one has legitimately fallen in love.

Love grows.

True Love grows out of True Friendship

Being ‘in love’ grows out of being ‘in like’

I am so thankful

to be


in like

with this boy

Did I mention he is my favorite? 

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