Simon Says Green Light


This is not Beth.

This is Justin.

We are currently on night number two of Spring Break.

As i recount the day’s events i am sitting on Beth’s bed, and gathered around me are Beth, Andrew (Ted) and Johnny.

Today was the first day i have gotten to sleep in without having to get up for something in a long time.

Perhaps too long of a time.

I awoke to Ted, preparing for the days events (which at that point were undetermined).

I slowly got out of bed, showered and went into the empty living room prepared to do….


I did, however, have a song running through my mind. We Are Young by the band Fun.

We are seeking to kill it by the end of break. I have heard it in excess of thirty times in the last few days.

I digress:

Beth and her father had gone shopping, so i waited to say good morning until they got back.

They got back, i said good morning and immediately plans were made to create a cake.

a Spice Cake.

A batter was made, poured and put into the oven to bake.

Plans were then made to go shopping, mostly because Johnny really wanted ice cream.

I made the shopping list:

There was, of course, another reason. Beth and I are going to make Focaccia bread.

And (we thought) we needed yeast, but as it turned out there was some in the freezer at home the whole time.

Oh well.

After we got home, Beth’s father made the icing for the cake – a smooth buttercream.

This is the end result:

I decided that crushed chocolate chips would be a good idea instead of normal ones.

(Side note: i brought both of my guitars, and Johnny brought his so now there are four guitars here.)

Good Situation:

For dinner, we had nachos. They were exquisite. There had to be two separate trays, however, due to my refusal to eat olives.

(Side, but important, note: I am blessed.)

During the dinner preparations, i played around with Beth’s camera.

I took the above picture and the one below.

That is my beautiful girlfriend!

Also – the pink wristband is from the mall. during our shopping excursion we went to Dillard’s and Belk. We smelled various fragrances from Clinique to Chanel, Armani to Ralph Lauren. It was a good time. The wristband is from Clinique who have solved the annoying problem of having to tell probing salespersons that no, you do not want to buy anything, you are just looking. They have three wristbands. One is white and, when worn, indicates that you need immediate service from said salespersons. One is green which indicates that you have time for a personal consultation. The pink ones, however, mean that you are simply browsing and should be left doing so alone.

That is what we did at the mall. (The wristbands may or may not should have been returned.)

Again i say, oh well.

After dinner, we decided to go out and play games. We played Red Light, Green Light and Simon Says.


Pictured above is Ted leading a game of Red Light, Green Light.

Pictured below is a flower.

I tried to win.

Also yes, Johnny is wearing one of my shirts.

After a while, the bugs came out and we (mostly meaning I) got really hot, so we went in.

Ted decided to change his outfit.

He wears it well.

So this is where i am now. Since i started writing this post, Johnny and Ted left to play games and Beth got her guitar and is playing music and singing. (She is my favorite person, and not just because she has a beautiful voice.)

Well, i suppose that is all for now. I hope you have a fantastic day, night, evening, morning, afternoon, sleep, or whatever else you are doing now.

PS – I like Elizabeth Catherine Strobolakos.

Goodbye for now.

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