{ tidbits }

as spring break continued along

and is now coming to a close

my attempt to create a blog post to document each day…


I however did shoot a bit here and there

throughout the days

so here


just a few


Earlier on in the week Johnny, Justin and I sewed small creations late into the evening/morning

their names:


made by Justin



made by me

At the moment, I do not have documentation of Johnny’s little creature, he made it for Ryan and its name is Holland.

We are now [obviously] experts at sewing.

: )

A few days ago

we made a [baby] pancake and egg breakfast

The small plates of unsually shaped pancakes on the left is Justin’s attempt at making a dog pancake the size of the griddle,

he got as far as putting the mix onto the griddle in the shape of the dog and then attempting to flip it with two spatulas before coming to grips with the fact that it was not going so well.

But never fear, the pieces of the pancake dog were still delicious!

The boys made a classic music video mid week

We Are Young 


the evening after they made their video,

at about 11pm

the boys were craving pasta


Johnny attempted to make angel hair pasta



it didn’t go so well.

it was little more than a squishy cement-like ball of noodles

Ever since Justin told me about Focaccia bread a good many weeks ago,

we have been wanting to make it,

and yesterday we finally were able to make a small batch.

We let it rise whilst sitting in the womb chair in the living room.

: )

We wanted it to be cozy!

I can take no credit for the creation of the bread,

and I give all the credit to Justin,

because apart from kneading the dough for about 8 seconds and then holding it for the below photo,

I did nothing more.

and DONE!

It is a little too good!

We have had a little too much fun with baking and cooking kitchen ventures this week,

the results have included

muffins, spice cake, focaccia bread, baby pancakes, banana bread, ice pops, brownies

and more!

There have been multiple evenings of running about the apartments

playing games, getting exercise and enjoying the warm spring evenings.

also remember this….

…well, it is now this…

I may or may not have neglected it a bit.

needless to say,

we won’t be getting a harvest from our plants this time around.

: /

Including today there are a mere two days left to Spring Break.

It has been a grand old-time,

but I do look forward to the structure of the semester again

there are only 6 weeks left

once we return to school

6 weeks full of SO much homework, SO much learning and SO much fun.

Spring Break was needed,

and enjoyed,

and now,

I am ready to get back to the responsibility

and finish up the semester well.

I hope your Spring Break has been fantastic,

and if you were not on Spring Break,

I hope your past week was grand as well!

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