haircut. fort. haircut.

Spring Break ended.

School began.

The past week has been very good.

A lot of things were accomplished.

A lot of things were discussed.

It has been very good to get back to schedule and start working on finishing up some things for the semester.

I am waiting to hear back on a few things.

Class registration opens up on Monday.


I cut Justin’s hair.

Made a blanket fort.

And then cut Justin’s hair again.

I have also watched more episodes of

The Office

this week,

then ever before.





earlier this week,

I cut Justin’s hair

it went from


to this


here are a couple photos of me trying to get an overhead shot without looking through the view finder

and Justin trying to get foreground blur by putting his hands in front of the camera

he succeeded.




In the middle of the week

Justin was still recovering from being sick

so we have been at home with Andrew a bunch

and the other day

we got bored


we made a blanket fort using the dining room table.

It had 2 entrances


a lamp.

Justin in the fort. : )

but then,

it got super warm in the fort,

so we destroyed it.





I cut Justin’s hair again.

This haircut is the one I was trying for when I cut it the first time,


his hair was so long

and I have never cut hair before,

so I may have been a bit too nervous to cut off that much.


I tried again







he is incredibly gracious to me

and lets me take so many pictures of him.

he is the most attractive boy.


he is my favorite.




there are a lot of things going on right now.

a lot of summer plans being made

a lot of fall plans being made

and a lot of waiting to see what plans are secure and which aren’t.

Things are going well though,


I am thankful.

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