tintinnabulation, kitchen crew, bubbles

Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter my fellow humanity!

This weekend has been a grand celebration time.

Starting on Good Friday,

with NO classes

then on to Saturday


at my church we have a Saturday evening service called

the Tintinnabulation service.

it is a grand time of celebration for the end of lent and also the first moments of  Christ’s rising from the grave!

And even though I was sick,

on a scale of 1 to 1o being ill

I was a good 8 and a 1/2

I went to the service


am so glad I did!

It is my favorite service at my church!

After the service

we all came home


worked together in the kitchen preparing things for Easter dinner on Sunday.

It was a bit too much fun having 8 people running about our tiny apartment kitchen.

Dad sliced ham for classic grilled ham and cheese sandwiches mom was to make the next day,

and though ham makes me feel rather sick,

and thus I do not take part in consuming the sandwiches,

they are thoroughly enjoyed by the rest of my family

and dad did very well slicing up the meat.

Sarah, Justin and I’s task was pasta salad.

my FAVORITE pasta salad.

I do not consume many, if any, pasta salads,

but I thoroughly enjoy this specific pasta salad,

and so it was to be made!

Johnny, Ryan and Mom worked on a potato salad,

another classic recipe.

as previously stated,

it was a little too good having so many people working on things together and having such a marvelous time!


here is Dad’s work on the chalkboard,

celebrating Easter!




Easter sunday dawned bright and sunny.

and off to Sunday Easter service we went!

After celebrating the joy of our risen Christ with the church

we scurried home

changed into cozy clothes

and enjoyed an Easter meal together

Dad, Mom, Charissa and Tom, Sarah, Justin and I, Johnny and Ryan and Andrew

eating a meal of

grilled ham and cheese sandwiches

potato salad

pasta salad

sliced cucumber

chips + salsa + humus



and for dessert

a trifle made by Charissa!

After lunch came the Sunday afternoon naps,

during which Justin and I took the opportunity to go outside and play with the bubbles we had recently purchased from Walmart!

He consistently tried to eat the bubbles.

and I consistently find him incredibly charming and handsome.





After playing with the bubbles,

we hid them in a secret spot!!

And then

went off on a walk

which resulted in some brilliant conversation.

I am constantly reminded of how thankful I am to be dating Justin,

it has been just over 4 months since we have been officially dating

and 5 months and 1 day since he told me he liked me.

The past months have been a journey


learning and laughter 


growing and change


advice and conversation


tears and comfort 



prayer and peace.

and I would not trade them for anything.

I do not believe I would be able to write enough words to fully and accurately depict and describe

my feelings of like towards him.

and so I shan’t try.

All that needs to be known is that

I am grateful for him.

We are learning daily.

and we are praying always.

oh and also,

I like him, very much.


he is my most favorite boy.

Happy 4 months

to us.


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