A summer evening, and then the boy left.


summertime it is.

On May 12th 2012

Before Justin left

Sarah, Andrew, Johnny, Ryan, Justin and I

all went downtown for a little while.

We went to Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place in downtown Columbia,

We got 2 medium pizzas

1 cheese


1 chicken and cheese

and while we waited

we decided to take a few photos

He is my most favorite boy.




Once the pizzas were finished

We went to Riverfront Park


sat in a parking spot beside the park to eat our pizza

We are hooligans. : )

It was a sweet summer night.

The last night before Justin would leave for the Summer.

It was so good to be all together

and to just relax after the semester was over

The pizza was delicious!!

And the company perfection.

And the cool sweet summer air surrounded us making the environment calming and delightful.

It was a grand evening.

Also, we may have had a little too much fun paying scribblenauts on the Ipad as well.

Hence, the giant whale with top hat on and rider holding a large red ribbon.




Sunday was Mothers Day


after going to church

we all headed over to Charissa and Tom’s apartment

for lunch.

It was delicious!

After the festivities of the afternoon we all sat for a bit and watched an episode of Psych together.

It was raining, drizzling and then a steady downpour

And then,

Justin and I became quite sad.

That night I would be taking him to the train station

and he would be leaving for summer.

Call us young, call us immature, call us childish.

But the emotions felt during that time were as honest and pure as they come.


We cried together.

for a long time.

We stood in the rain

and cried.

After we left Charissa and Tom’s

we dried our tears for a time

and ran about Walmart with Johnny and Ryan for a bit.

Then we went home to sit.

Justin’s train didn’t leave until 1:44am

and so we wouldn’t be driving him to the train station until about 11pm

and so

we sat


cried some more.

It is something very sweet to feel the exact same emotion as another person.

To be in the exact same emotional state together at the same time.

It has been over 6 months we have been dating now.

And we have just recently told each other that we do indeed love one another.

We took a long time to pray about what loving someone actually means.

And after

a lot of time


getting Godly counsel

researching what biblical love actually is


discussing it for some time.

One night

in the same place Justin told me he liked me

he told me he loved me.

We recognize the love we have is young,

and we do not suppose we know how to love perfectly

but we are ready to learn.




At 10:45pm

Dad drove Justin and I to the train station.

We were both exhausted


after arriving at the train station we both woke up a bit

Justin got his ticket

checked his baggage



we had to say goodbye one last time.

We stood in the train station

and hugged

and said goodbye.

And then he walked me back to the car.

He stood by my door and waved goodbye

then closed it and walked back into the train station.

Dad didn’t drive away right away

and at this point I was completely in tears.

Dad suggested I get out again and hug him one last time.

And I am so thankful he gave us time to do that.

I got out of the car and Justin came out of the train station


in the parking lot of the train station

we said our last goodbye.

tears and rain.

 a hug and a kiss

and a last ‘I love you’

and then I got back into the car and drove away.

I came home.

Took this picture.

Called him to say goodnight.

And then fell asleep.




This morning.

I have swollen eyes, lost my voice and am 89% sure I have a head cold.

And, I miss the boy very much.


even through the tears and the goodbyes and the missing of eachother

we are still growing with each other

and glad to be on summer holiday.

This summer will be a time for





phone calls


shooting photography







we are excited.

And I am excited

I am planning on putting this summer to good use.

and am so glad for the break from school

and the time to put my mind to things other then academics for a time.




And so, friends,

with that summer night evening

and goodbye story

I leave you for now,

to begin reading my 7 books that I plan to complete over summer.

Until next time then.


5 thoughts on “A summer evening, and then the boy left.

  1. I love you so much. I teared up reading this, we’ll miss your panda this summer right along with you (though, I know you’ll feel it most). I love you and can’t wait to hang out more now that we’re done with school craziness!


  2. This made me cry too. In a I-remember-how-that-felt, this-is-beautiful way. I pray this summer will be amazingly beautiful for you.

    …but I am curious about the 7 books you are reading…they wouldn’t happen to be HARRY POTTER, would they?!


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