Making THE pootas

Now, your first question is probably…

…what is a pootas?

I will explain.

A few weeks ago now,

my brother Andrew

was searching for his towel in the bathroom,

but could find none

and so he walked out of the bathroom

and declared,

“There is no POOTAS!”

Now if you are tracking so far

you will see that that statement literally makes no sense.

I mean,

what is a pootas?


What is a pootas?

A pootas in this situation was a towel.


for Justin and I

pootas has become both what we have nicknamed each other

and also


This photo of pootas was lovingly drawn by Justin

and is in fact

THE pootas.

Justin and I call each other Pootas as a name,

but this cat=like-Where the Wild things are-esque drawing captures THE pootas.




After my Pootas left, Justin that is,

I thought I would attempt to make THE pootas a stuffed animal.


I found an old pillow case, drew the design, cut it out, sewed it [nearly] all the way,



I had to think of what to stuff THE pootas with.

I researched stuffing and could find nothing cheaper then $10.00

perhaps I am just awful at locating stuffed animal stuffing on sale


I refused to spend that much.

And then

the idea that I am most proud of throughout this entire project

came to me.

I would buy a pillow! And stuff him with the pillow stuffing!

And so off to Walmart  I went

where I found pillows for $2.50!!!

I bought 2.

 It was PERFECT.

And I still have so much leftover.

I could have just bought 1 pillow,

but to be safe I bought 2.

and now I can make multiple pootas’ if I please!


getting back to the original, first made pootas.

I stuffed THE pootas…

And am very very pleased with the outcome.

I finished sewing him up,

cut out, sewed, stuffed his little arms and sewed them on.

Added his button eyes,



at this point

I was nervous.

It was due to THE pootas’ mouth.

Should I put on a mouth, should I not?

What would I use,

I did not want to use buttons or thread

I could use a sharpie!

But what if I mess up,

I do not want to mess up THE pootas.

Rebekah Thomas was at my home for the final moments of finishing THE pootas

and she convinced me to quit worrying and indeed add a mouth to THE pootas.


 I did.

And so, my friends,

on this day of May the 16th 2012

I present to you

THE pootas.

What do you think?

: )

{Note: I claim no great skill at sewing, and thus in your evaluation I know I will fall incredibly short in regards to the sewing quality of THE pootas, my main goal I wanted to achieve was resemblance. : ) }

7 thoughts on “Making THE pootas

  1. “Adorbz” is what popped into my head. 🙂 Also, great job on being resourceful. Stuffing = expensive. …And this makes me want to go finish those owls I was crocheting.


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