When 5 weeks feels like 5 Years.

oh hi.

i am working at my school’s library for the very first time today.

i came in 5 minutes early.

because I love to be on time.

no joke,

i would have come in a half hour early,

but that might be pushing my love of being on time a little too far.


i came in.

was trained in all the do’s and do not’s of the job.

and now….

i am sitting at the desk





i think i’m gonna like this job.


and being able to point a gun-like machine at bar codes all day is also a plus!!

I always loved to do that.

When I was little,

one of my dream jobs

was to be a cashier.


a cashier.

I mean come on!

Being able to type in the little codes and run all the bar codes to make the little *beep* sound all day!!


lets just say,


has been incredibly fulfilling.




on another very good note,

in less than 5 weeks I get to go visit my most favorite boy!!!

Happy less than 5 weeks left!!!

We have almost made it 2 weeks since he left!

We are doing quite well.

I mean,

5 weeks still feels like it will take 5 years time to pass,


we are both super excited

to again and again


that 5 weeks,

is just 5 weeks.

and not 5 years [so. glad. it. is. not. five. years.]

and know that we can still,

even while we are waiting to see one another again,

and can never seem to forget about that wait.

We are still able to enjoy summers.




but still,

HOOOOOORAY ONLY 5 WEEKS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Currently I am,

longing to go to NYC

[ actually I am always longing to go to NYC, so I should make that a constant more than a currently]

waiting on a letter from my boy

waiting on my new glasses to arrive

waiting on a disposable camera to be developed

thinking about the fall

thinking about how much I love fall

thinking about how much I do not like summers

thinking about how much I used to like summers

until this guy,

came into my life.

I do not mind disliking summers at all now though.

because I like him lots and lots and lots!

[also yes, we enjoy skyping this way]

hoping that my neck [i think i pulled a muscle] won’t hurt anymore soon.

thinking about how I like a lowercase i better than an uppercase I at the moment.

[hence, the back and forth of the use in this post]

feeling like I am typing REALLY loud because it is so quiet in the library right now.

glad I am finished with 5 harry potter books and now get to read the 6th one that is over 200 pages less than the previous two.

making about 4 lists pertaining to different things. [i love lists. so many lists. always lists. HOOOOORAY LISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

wanting a smoothie. yum.

thinking about how I will never master the correct uses of ‘then’ and ‘than’ perfectly.

wanting to shoot right now and edit. [i also love to edit!]

so glad I ran across THIS website.

wanting to keep reading other blogs now.




I hope you are all doing well.

and that your summers are enjoyable and relaxing!


once again,





Until next time friends,


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