The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It is a mere 2:10pm


that is already the description of my day.

I woke up today

and noticed it was raining

‘how nice.’

I thought

It will keep the weather cool and it will be so cozy as I spend the morning at home.

I finished the entire Harry Potter book series last Saturday while at work,

and was finally going to watch the final two movies!!!

A grand way to spend a Monday morning, yes?

I thought so,



it all began.

A few weeks ago

Me, Sarah, Johnny and Andrew all went to the eye doctor

It was a pleasant experience

until we received the bill

and noticed a major discrepancy.

It has been over the past 2 almost 3 weeks that we have been looking into fixing that discrepancy



we found out it was only slightly fixable

and would get no other help in changing the circumstances…


And so

plans were changed,

My morning would no longer be spent cozy on the couch watching Harry Potter’s final feats,

But instead,

Driving a car, in the rain, running errands.

I was a bit perturbed.

But knew that once the errands were done, then they would just be done.


Me, Sarah and Andrew

headed out to the eye doctor,

after which  we would then make a few returns, Andrew would open his first bank account,

and I would try to finally close out my bank account at my old bank and transfer all the funds to my new bank account.

I was rather nervous about this last errand, since there can be not pending transactions on ones account for them to close out their bank account,

and I had bought what I now needed to return,

with the debit card linked to the account that I now needed to close.

I hoped that perhaps I could just get cash back for my return.

*fingers crossed*

First Stop: Eye Doctor

This went smoothly,

apart from my glasses being a bit too wide for my face,

and them needing to correct them for me.

We finalized all payment and finished this errand with a positive outlook!

Then we began the trip to Harbison.

Second Stop: Returns

On the drive to Harbison,

it began to rain


I put the windshield wipers on and the lights and drove carefully along the highway.

And then I saw the red break lights in front of me

and knew they were stopping too fast for me to easily stop behind them.

So I hit the brakes.


I saw what had happened,

a truck ahead of us, with a boat attached

had swerved to the shoulder of the road, only to curve immediately back onto the highway

which caused the confusion and immediate need for the use of brakes.

My stomach felt uneasy after breaking that roughly,

and I handled the break incredibly gently after that, as to not offend the poor car any more.

I drove off my exit and stopped in front of the store to which I would be returning items.

The car seemed fine, the brakes seemed fine,

Other than that it was still pouring

All seemed well.


I returned the items,

Only to find out that there was no way for them to give me cash back

and it would have to be a transaction that would take a few days to go through.


I resigned myself to the fact that I would now not be able to close out my bank account today,

And, though a bit let down,

resolved to finish the rest of the errands without dwelling on that misfortune.

Third Stop: The Bank

On to the bank,

And this, my friends,

Is when it starts to get really crazy.

I have had a check for merely $21 that I have had to deposit for months now,

And thought,

This is the perfect time!

So to the ATM I went,

And then I would go in with Andrew to help him start his account.

Mind you, it was still pouring rain.

I went around to the ATM, and had about 3 cars in front of me,

moving quite slowly,

So I decided

to back up and let Andrew out to begin working on getting his account,

knowing that I would need to be at work by 2:00pm

and hoping to save some time by letting him get started.

And then

we saw it,

the red light on the dashboard,

and the smoke coming out of the hood of the car,

Parked in front of the bank,

In pouring down rain,

With a smoking car,

‘oh come on’

Sarah called Dad and I told Andrew to just go in the bank and start working on getting his account,

wanting to get all of us out of the car quickly so we could survey the situation.

I got out of the car and grabbed my wallet and the keys, not knowing how serious the smoke was and what to do,

And then there the three of us were standing, dripping wet, in the bank lobby.

I led Andrew to the waiting area,

and returned to Sarah to see what was happening.

Dad had given her the mechanics number and she was working on getting in touch with him.

Andrew was waiting to open an account,

And I,


here’s what I was doing.

while Sarah was calling the mechanic,

I thought to myself,

I should just walk back to the ATM and deposit my check quickly,

So I went back to the car,

which was still quietly puffing smoke,

Grabbed my check and, in the still torrential rain,

ran to the ATM to deposit it,

Thankfully there was only one car there,

So I was able to stand under the overhang and get my debit card out,

…my debit card…

Where was my debit card!

There I was,

Standing in the lane of the ATM,

Now with two cars behind me,

drenched in rain

with a paper check


without my debit card.

Also, remember how my glasses didn’t quite fit?

Yeah, rain didn’t help that situation,

each time I looked down at my wallet,

hoping that my debit card would be there,

they slipped, and slipped,

nearly slipped off about 10 times.

I sighed, with frustration,

and walked, resolutely, back to the smoking car,

opened the side door, with perhaps a bit more fervor then I  should have,

and there it was, the debit card,

lying neatly on the floor of the car.

At this point I was completely soaked,

And though I thought it not even possible,

It was raining even harder.

I threw the check back into the car and left it

refusing to stand out in the rain any longer,

I went in to check on Andrew and see how Sarah was doing,

but knew that the bank would not appreciate a walking rain cloud in their lobby for long,

Andrew was doing quite well,

And Sarah had gotten in touch with the mechanic and was talking him through the situation.

At this point the car was smoking a bit less,

And I thought it safe to at least sit in the back of the car,

So I did,

Soaking wet,

With glasses that refused to stay on my face for longer than 5 seconds at a time,

With a check that still needed to be deposited

With a car that was immovable for a time

And with time to spare.

I sighed again.

I decided to try once more to deposit the check.

Acquiring each thing I would need before even getting to the ATM

I made my way back out into the rain

Thankfully there were no other cars in sight,

and I was able to deposit the check.


I walked back to the front of the bank with a small feeling of triumph,

At least one thing was accomplished.

I sat in the car for a bit more, slowly bending my glasses here and there to perhaps lessen the frustration they were causing me and help them fit better,

Sarah was off the phone at this point,

And finally, we had a plan of action.

We would drive to the gas station across the road

And the mechanic would meet us there.

The most likely explanation was that the engine had overheated,

But why? And did it cause any damage?

Were still questions that needed to be answered before driving home.

At this point,

Andrew has successfully opened his bank account.

I had successfully deposited my check.

And Sarah had finalized the plan with the mechanic.

It was now 1:00pm

I needed to be at work in an hour.

I drove, ever so carefully, to the gas station and we parked under the overhang, as instructed by the mechanic,

So as to have some shielding from the rain,

Which, thankfully had depleted in its amount now,

And there we sat.

And sat.

For 15 minutes,

before I finally decided that I would run into the nearby Subway to get a sandwich for lunch,

since I would now not have time to go home for lunch.

I ordered my favorite Subway sandwich,

one that I had not had in months,

I won’t lie, I was quite hungry and excited to eat some good food.

I stood in line waiting to smother it up with vegetables of all sorts!

I was so cold.

I was still drenched from my adventures in the rain earlier

And the air conditioning in subway was not complimenting my current state.

And then,

In keeping with the theme of the day,

They burned my sandwich


It was quite nicely charred when they took it from the toaster.

I was hit how incredibly oronic that that would happen to me on this specific day,

But did not have time to ponder it long,

Because they swiftly put together a new sandwich for me.

‘Thank you so much Subway people, thank you so much.’

I looked out the windows and saw that the mechanic had arrived and was talking with Sarah by the car.

I hurried out to hear the diagnosis.

As expected,

The engine had surely overheated,

I’m talking HOT.

On a scale from the C to the H on the gauge in the car, it was sticking nicely to the H by the time we had gotten to the bank, thankfully we had parked and I was able to shut the car off immediately.

By doing so, saving the engine a severe amount of damage.

The mechanic attributed the problem to the fans that should turn on and cool the car off when it is rising in heat,

But which had failed their one duty,

And instead had taken a day off…

Once we had talked with the mechanic, each of us had gotten sandwiches and we had waited for the car engine to cool enough for us to safely drive home.

It was 1:45pm

I had 15 minutes.

We drove home constantly keeping an eye on the needle that needed to rest nicely in the middle between C and H.

Andrew prayed for us as we got onto the highway

And God granted us a safe drive home, with no problems at all.

I arrived at work

At 1:56pm

Damp clothes and sandwich in hand,

And immediately began my shift.

I have never so much enjoyed sitting in one place,


there were free cookies at work today.

I do not eat sweets very much anymore,

But today,

I felt that I deserved a cookie, or three…

As I sit here now,

I can say I am so grateful for the safety God granted us,

For the willingness of our mechanic to drive out to Harbison to help us,

And for my sweet boyfriend, who texted multiple times to make sure we were okay.

and now, now I will just sit and read.

I feel so tired.

But am just so grateful to be safe.

I don’t foresee this day providing any worse circumstances to me,

but if it does,

I’ll be ready.

I’ve had practice today.

: )

2 thoughts on “The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. Whew! That was harrowing. :/ I’ve been in that situation and it is le worst. So glad you all are alright!! Hopefully the rest of the week will be much better. 🙂


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