One Week.

I always thought that this last week would be the easiest.

I thought,

‘If I can just make it to the last week, I can finally be happy about summer, because then I can just think of summer as ONE week!

And it will just fly by!’

Sad to say,

That has not been the case.

The closer it gets to my seeing my wonderful boy again,

The more nervous I am getting.



Come on, I did not see that coming.

Excitement, yes.

Nervous? no.


I will be meeting his family for the first time, so that helps with a bit of the nervousness,

Although, honestly, I am far more excited than nervous to be meeting them all!!

What I feel the most nervous about,

Is seeing my boy again.

I know, crazy, right?

Or maybe not so crazy.

We have both worked really hard to communicate nearly just as well as when he was here

 while we have been apart these last {almost} 6 weeks.

And I think we have both done brilliantly!!

We have both grown so much personally, but still alongside one another, even if not in the same location.

Yet I still worry that we have worked so long at long distance that it will be so unusual to be together again.


I think that,

and then on the other hand,

I think,


You see my dilemma?

I do believe this is normal…

This excited and nervous jumble of feelings,

And then tonight,

I printed of my itinerary and pick-up ticket for the train that I will be taking

one week from today,

And after I printed it,

It all felt real.

I have been suppressing a lot of excitement towards this trip over the past weeks,

Because I still had a good while to wait and knew that I could not be living for a time that was still weeks away while I needed to be learning and living a time that was the present.

And I think I just fell into a pattern of pushing away the real excitement and replacing it with an understanding that I need to wait,

But now,

I can start to live in to the excitement!

The time I have been waiting for is here!


Time is an interesting thing,

It can grow you so much,

But it can also let you forget other times,

Like the 6 months and more that Justin and I had together before summer even came!!

It is rather foolish of me, I think,

To feel that a matter of not even a full 7 weeks,

Which were full of phone calls, letters and skype dates.

Communication and growth.

Could really make us forget how to be a non-long distance couple.

If anything,

These past weeks have grown us to be a better couple

A stronger couple.

I shouldn’t be nervous about seeing him again,

I should simply be excited to be able to come back together again after having learned so much!!!

And excited to see how our growth over the past weeks helps us when we are together again!!!

Maybe I should rephrase,

Instead of,

I always thought that the last week would be the easiest.

Perhaps I should say,

The times leading up to the last week were the hardest.

but that last week,


that was just pure excitement.

I haven’t lived the last week yet,


I will let you know how it is.

I have to say,

it’s not starting off too bad.

: )

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