To See The Boy


I’m back.

: )

After 2 weeks of brilliant vacation and visiting.

I have returned once again to the world of library work hours, packing and planning.

What was the trip like, you ask?



along with THESE photos uploaded to the book of face,

is an exceptionally large blog post

filled to the brim with photographs

that will give you

a bit of an idea

of the happenings

of my time away.


The train trip there was long.

The train scheduled to depart at 1:44am, didn’t pull out of the station until 2:15am.

I slept just one hour on the ride

and the train sounds like thunder on the tracks.


At around 12:49pm on Friday, June 29th 2012

I saw my boy again.

And at around 12:49pm and 17 seconds on Friday, June 29th 2012

I hugged my boy again.

There are little to no words that can accurately describe the way I felt when I was able to hug him again.

One would just have to experience it to know.

All I kept thinking was,

‘he is real.’

Just being able to hold him was unbelievable

and a moment that I will forever remember.

His parents had come with him to pick me up and I was able to meet them right away!

It was so grand to finally be able to meet them after seeing so many photographs and hearing so many stories!!!


The day after I arrived,

Justin took me to see manatees at the wildlife park.

Something we had been planning for ages.

The below picture is actually all of a manatee I was able to see.

: (

They were moving all of the manatee’s food from one location to the another and the pudgy little guys wanted nothing more than to sit outside the fence and munch on the bits of food that would come through.

Silly poofy manatees.

: )

We had a brilliant time despite the preoccupied manatees though!!


after the park we walked to Publix and got an EXTRA large cup of water!!

That night we went off in search of some early Fourth of July fireworks to view near the water!


Justin bought Scrabble

and we had a small family competition one night around the kitchen table!

My boy and I won in the end,

but the competition was fierce!


Caleb and James,

Justin’s brothers

 each got a new computer and they had a grand ol’ time setting them up into master gaming centers!!

On Tuesday.

the 3rd of July,

a picnic lunch was packed

and we all headed off to see fireworks that would welcome in the 4th of July the next day!

{ The above and below photos were taken by Justin. }

After all the July 4th festivities,

we piled into the cars and traveled to a secluded private beach for a day in the sun!

before the sun, however, we traveled through a bit of rain.

Classic Florida.


Justin and I baked a pink cake.

And cooked dinner for the family one night,

it included Justin’s famous garlic bread.

It was delicious!!

Fluffy kept us company. : )

Proof that I do in fact take pictures with my Ipad as an excuse to use Instagram.

It is a bit sad.

But so worth it.

Justin and I went off on a walk this night,

we walked often,

despite the humidity and mosquitoes,

and saw a surprising selection of wildlife on our walks,

teeny tiny little frogs, owls, and even a bobcat!

On this specific night,

we trespassed a bit on an empty houses dock so that we could capture the sunset,

it was beautiful!

And we couldn’t help but dance a bit on the dock after taking pictures.

It was serene.

The below photo is after Justin told me that the fish would eat my feet if I put them in the water.

it made me a bit sad.

But then we saw a little rainbow,

and the foot-eating-fish were forgotten!

On one of my final days in Florida,

Justin and I went with his parents to visit their new home!!

They made a beautiful choice, and the little house passed its inspection with flying colors and will be ready for them to move into within a matter of weeks!

After we drove about the neighborhood for a bit,

we went to Rooms To Go so that his parents could get some estimates and ideas.

We also came into miles from Disney World,

A place, though not my cup of tea, that is very special to many a person.

: )

On the way back we traveled through a storm that lasted 20 miles,

one of those storms that causes you to pray for safety

and also that everyone has a sharp eye and their wits about them as they are driving on the road.


For the train trip back home,

a snack mix was compiled.

But really not just A snack mix,

but THE most brilliant snack mix ever created!!!


A few odds and ends of the trip are,

that my poor air mattress ended up like this at the end of trip.

Apparently it didn’t take kindly to Justin, Caleb and James and I lounging on it daily the entire time I was there.

Poor little bubbly mattress.

The above figurine, is just classic.

And then of course,

there is my love.

: )


The entire trip was just filled with incredible moments.

Being able to meet his family,

and live alongside Justin again for a while,

was so special.

I realized, while I was away,

that it was the first time I have ever traveled away from my family on my own.

And I couldn’t have wished for a better experience.

His family was simply wonderful.


The days were full of fun and laughter.

The whole trip is a beautiful memory for me. 

I love his family,

and I love him.

In fact,

I love him so much.

That I took him back on the train with me,

to come visit my home for a week.

: )

He is just the prettiest boy.


I wish I could tell you about every moment of the trip,

about every memory.

But I know that there is no way that I could relate to anyone how I felt about every part of it.

I am thrilled to have had the chance to spend the time away with his family.

And am overjoyed that we will have had three weeks this summer to be with each other.

I am so thankful,

so grateful.

So happy.


Now back home,

and sitting once again at my work desk.

I look back with nothing but fond memories,


I look forward to all the things that are coming up next.

The rest of the week to spend with my boy.

A week to live with Charissa and Tom while we wait to move into my family’s new home.

Moving into the new home.

And the next college semester, which starts again on August 19th.


As summer draws to a close,

a statement which sounds so crazy to even be able to say,

but is nonetheless true,

I find myself ready to begin school again,

ready for summer to be complete

and ready to get back to the schedule of a semester.


I hope you have all had brilliant summers so far,

and don’t forget to enjoy the bit of time there is left!


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