I have been thinking a lot recently…

…thinking that something has been missing.

And today,

things became clearer.

It is time to begin reconstructing.





and start to embrace this life with


focused intentions





I have been thinking in regards to my blog.

I seem to rely often on the massive blog updates after a good bit of time passes.

I would like to be through with that approach,

and begin making shorter more concise posts more often,

then just relying on photographs and minimal updates to keep things interesting.

I want to be able to journal a bit more here,

not just update.


I also would like to update the look of the blog,

I have tried everything from changing the background color of this blog theme,

to switching everything over to blogger

just to see how I would like it.

I have decided that I enjoy WordPress the most,

and that I will just have to keep thinking about how I want to present this blog,

but be prepared,

change is coming.


I have been thinking in regards to summer,

I am quite ready for it to be over.

This happens each summer,

I become bored with the suffocating heat and hours of free time

and long for


crisp Autumn


more structured responsibilities


thankfully, move in day is a mere 30 days from today.


I have been thinking about me,

I have a lot of learning to do.

I talked to my mother this morning,

and she brought up some key observations that have challenged me.

Things are changing for the better,

happily changing for the better.


I have been thinking about Justin and I,

we are also growing and changing for the better.

I wouldn’t want to learn with any other

than he,

it is exciting to grow

and to be productive



I have been thinking about how poorly I handle my finances,

and know that it ends here.

It must.


I have been thinking about the future.


Is it right?




What am I doing with what I am learning?




Art major at USC?



On a bit of a lighter note,

this blog

is brilliant.

I began reading it weeks ago,

but only identified with its real creativity

about 3 weeks ago.

I quite enjoy it.



there you have it

fellow humanity

a bit of a journal entry,





And so begins



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