even my uterus has more to do right now than I do

here I am.

in a state of boredom.


halfway through my work shift

attempting to think of a better way to pass the time then just rolling around the entire library in the office chair I am sitting in at the moment

and making weird popping noises with my mouth.


even though I am hardly working at the moment,

other things are busy, busy, busy.

like the air conditioning in the library that apparently won’t be satisfied that its job is done until the temperature is right for snow.

and my uterus muscles, churning away like there is no tomorrow.




from the time of 9:50am – 10:45am I went through blog theme after blog theme here at WordPress,

applying, customizing, changing color hue’s and theme options

looking for just the right change to the blog.

And finally,

in the end,

I settled on…

…the same theme I have had since the beginning.

HOWEVER…I did change the color scheme of the blog!

I bet you weren’t expecting THAT much change, now were ya?!?




this morning, I didn’t take a shower,

because there weren’t any towels in my bathroom

and the towels are housed in the boys bathroom

and the boys were sleeping


this morning, I didn’t take a shower.




the sun is coming in the windows all bright and pretty.




at home, everyone is packing up.

because we are moving,

next Friday.

a week from today,

at which point

us four ‘younger ones‘ will be living with my sister and brother-in-law

for a bit over a week,

as we await being able to get into our new home.

my sister and brother-in-law have a kitten,

expect photographs.




On Monday, I have an appointment with the dean’s office at USC,

to discuss the Art Studio Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in photography

I can’t help but say the whole name whenever I talk about it,

I can’t just say, ‘The Art Studio B.F.A…’


the whole name must be said.




Last night at small group,

this concept was spoken about,

in regards to Corrie Ten Boom,

at one point,

she went on a trip, or led a trip, or such.

and the whole time, she just felt like she was working in the dark and not able to make things work out right.

and she was so frustrated.

when she returned home from the trip,

she read this verse,


Psalm 91:1

1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.


And she realized,

it wasn’t darkness she was in,

but rather,

she was in the shadow of the Almighty.




the other night the boys came to visit me at work.

it was quite the visit.



we saw a perfect double rainbow.




I suppose that is all I have to say.

apart from noticing that rolling around the library in my office chair still sounds like a good idea…




I suppose I am leaving then,

to read the archives of my favorite blogs

and await 2:00pm

when I can run off home

eat some foods

hug my boy

and actually do a bit of work.






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