Moving Pancakes


I made pancakes today.


we are moving,

on Friday,

so nearly everything is packed.


And we didn’t have mixing bowls,

so I mixed the batter in a glass tupperware container.

And we didn’t have measuring cups,

so I eyed all the ingredients.

And we didn’t have a griddle,

so I used a frying pan.

And we didn’t have plates,

so I put the pancakes on a napkin when they were done.

And we didn’t have syrup,

so I ate them plain.

And we didn’t have paper,

so I wrote this all down on the back of an old insurance booklet so I would remember to write it. 




Moral of the story: Don’t make pancakes two days before moving. 

2 thoughts on “Moving Pancakes

  1. This reminds me of the time we moved from Knoxville, T.N. to Greenville, S.C. We were going to leave that day so we packed everything up in the U-Haul, but somehow or other it got really late and we had to stay the night in our empty, empty house. No beds. No mattresses. No sleeping bags. We had 1 husband pillow and towels, so we all slept around the husband and pulled the towels over ourselves to keep warm. I wish I had a picture because I’m sure we looked ridiculous.

    I’m just so glad you guys aren’t moving too far away! 🙂


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