Someday I may…

…have a home that is minimalist and simple.

…be able to handle sugar better and not just have to eat 5-8 pieces of candy or else feel like my brain just became one big ball of sugar.

…have a dog named Bernard.

…be able to figure out how to keep nail polish on my fingers for longer then 8 1/2 minutes without chipping.

…have a pudgy little baby to love and take care of.

…live in a small home in Paris and buy fresh strawberries every day after my ride home on the metro.

…not be so stubborn.

…actually own ‘You’ve got Mail‘ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle‘.

…not feel like I have to write everything down to remember it.

…learn how to not buy clothes, and instead save money for that ‘future event or problem‘ that every one else is responsibly saving for.

…be able to say goodbye to Justin without crying like I will never see him again.

…buy a little car and call it Jim.

…be able to bake chocolate chip cookies without making them under-baked, over-baked or tasting completely of flour.

…have glasses that don’t slide off my face every 3 seconds.

…actually figure out what I want to study in school.

…dye my hair dark brown again, love it for a few days, and then regret that I am not a blonde still.

…be able to sleep past 10:30am on days off.

…not try to fix and clarify things all the time.

…not be so afraid of those huge mascot costumes that I just want to sink into the ground and disappear the moment I see one approaching so that I can avoid ‘the hug‘.

…own a pretty little retro mint green bike with a white basket.

…be able to drive without crying insults at the other drivers around me….I am quite the vocal driver…what is it that makes it so enjoyable to  judge others driving…when they can’t hear you?

…not just read blog archives of my favorite blogs the entire 6 hours I am at work.

…actually learn to like coffee and be able to be a part of the grand ‘coffee club‘ that nearly every other human being is a part of…seriously guys, it’s like you even have your own ‘coffee’ language….CAPPUCCINO, ESPRESSO, LATTE, MACCHIATO, MOCHA, FRAPPUCCINO…someday, someday I will learn.

…live in a land of snow again.

…be the proud owner of a magna doodle….ahh, now that will be a grand day.

…not feel like I always have to save my new clothes for specific or special days….I just kills me to waste a good ensemble.

…actually get back to the whole photography venture and really pursue it with all of my being.

…decide if I would rather live the life of an artist or be someones assistant or secretory. Both seem quite lovely actually, the freedom of the artist and the structure of the assistant.  

…actually go to a restaurant and not just order the burger and fries….I do this thing you see, I have my routines in the restaurants I visit from time to time, I have classics.

  1. Macaroni Grill: Fettuccine Alfredo, and sometimes, if I feel a bit crazy I will even ask for the CHICKEN fettuccine alfredo.
  2. Wendys: Spicy Chicken Sandwich combo, but always replace the drink with a frosty.
  3. Chili’s: Avocado Burger…well done, please!
  4. Olive Garden: Soup & Saled
  5. Brioso: Spinach and Cheese Ravioli

and so forth…structured menu ordering quite appeals to me.

…not keep wishing away the now to get to the grand plans of the future!

…actually roll around the entire library in this office chair….hmmmmm, today?




I just sat for 5 minutes trying to work up the courage….and I don’t think I am brave enough yet….Monday perhaps??




Someday I may do all of the above.

and so much more.

(from my trip to Europe 2011)

2 thoughts on “Someday I may…

  1. I can *totally* see you in Paris with strawberries every day and an adorably plump baby!

    I am with you on the artist/assistant thing…being a receptionist/assistant/secretary does require thinking outside the box to solve problems and interaction with people (both of which I love) and it doesn’t require leading or decision making much (which I appreciate). But there is that wild call of the artist that beckons me…for now I’m wondering if I can be a secretary and go home and be an artist. Write in the evenings or early mornings, do photography on the weekends, etc. For now. This vacation has shown me what it’s like to either work from home or be a stay-at-home artist and…I kind of dig it.

    I also order the same thing every time I go somewhere (unless it’s a random place we don’t go to often, and then I will switch it up) — I have my staples and I swear by them. It’s comforting to know what you’re getting and that you know you’ll like it. Except I have this restaurant curse — whenever I order something, they tell me they’re out of it. Seriously. I went to Sonic and they were out of corn dogs. CORN DOGS. I mean…???

    As for the chocolate chip cookies — I can help with that. I just found a site where a lady made up recipes based on those Betty Crocker cookie mixes — except these are from scratch. You can mix all the dry ingredients together and store them until you want to make cookies (5 minutes after mixing?) and then you just add an egg, vanilla, and a stick of butter. Cook 10 minutes and presto! Delicious, perfect chocolate chip cookies. Here’s the link: (It makes about 2 dozen per mix if you make a medium sized cookie — we used dark chocolate chips!)

    Sorry this was so long! 😛


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