Awkward & Awesome


Having to go to work without showering,

because we’re moving,

and the bathrooms having already been cleaned for our departure.


Having a co-worker call me Sarah, not correcting him because really how many times will he actually ever call me?, and now weeks later still being called Sarah.

(he also refers people to my desk who now call me Sarah)

ah well.


Trying to inconspicuously eat my Cajun trail mix as a small snack at the library circulation desk and ending up making an exceptional amount of noise opening the bag and chewing the crunchy morsels.

Why do I work in a library again?


Sitting at the library desk for hours without saying anything and then having to speak to someone, but having my voice refuse to be any louder than a sad hoarse whisper.


The car that moseyed about campus at a, no joke, 5 mile and hour pace.

Apparently they wanted to take the leisurely scenic route around campus,

to the great chagrin of the sad little car behind them.


Wearing a two layered shirt,

and having the inside layer be inside out all day.



The cat jumping into the toilet at 6am,

before I had the chance to flush,




My boss buying ice cream for the library workers on a hot day!


This conversation with my boy.

Me: Hi! Are you outside?

He: No…I’m inside….I’m playing minecraft.

Me: Oh! We do not have to talk now,  I can call you back later,  do you want me to call you back later, baby?

He: ……yes.

It is good to know that our relationship has progressed to a place where I am not offended whatsoever if he chooses minecraft over talking with me sometimes.

Note: He is quite excellent at minecraft,

and he later told me that he was building a shop that sold things to go on an adventure!

I am so proud of him.


Buying a new monthly planner and become even more organized!


Living with a kitten for a week who is crazy playful and thinks he is a dog!


The good morning emails from my love that make my heart so happy!


That a new Tropical Smoothie cafe is opening on Harbison!


The fact that Justin and I have sent over 1,850 emails back and forth this summer,

and we even still have a bit over two weeks left!


Sparkly nail polish, that Justin bought for me,

that stays on for ages!


The googly-eyed back pack I bought today for the new school year!

Isn’t it fantastic???


Seeing a real live Oscar Meier wiener hot dog car while out shopping today!


Being in a relationship with a boy who trusts me and communicates with me.


Sitting around the living room with my siblings, having a grand ol’ time.





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