To call a college campus ‘Home’

.   .   .

Today, as I drove onto campus for work,

as I have done countless times,

I began to feel quite reminiscent,

and realized…

…I have called CIU campus my ‘home’ since my family moved to CIU’s off-campus housing (The village) back in 2007 so that my parents could attend and finish their undergraduate degrees.

I was 14 years old.


It is an odd thing,

to call a college campus ‘home’.

It is a professional place,

but yet has still been the source of so many personal memories,

that it can make it difficult to remember the

professional college persona

due to the

comfortable familiarity that I feel towards campus.





[The lovely Lydia, myself and my sister Sarah in 2007, in NY,  mere days before moving]



[CIU village pizza party on campus – 2008]


[Sibling bonding time at the CIU campus gym, filming a movie together : Summer 2008]


[A first photo shoot in the field behind our home in the village – 2008]


[Exploring the CIU woods and lake together – 2008]


[CIU campus, as the backdrop for my early photo shoots – My brother and sister-in-law’s engagement shoot – 2008]


[Winter 2008 – outside Fisher classrooms, the library and the administration building on campus]


[Christmas in Hoke on campus -Winter 2008]



[The very earliest stages of construction near the lake on campus, the perfect backdrop for my first self-portrait shoot ventures – 2009]


[The CIU village park – Self portrait shoots 2009]


[Antics in the cubbies by the piano practice rooms on campus with friends – 2009]


[Using the field behind Founders dorm on CIU campus as a location to practice shooting other people for the first time – 2009]


[Exploring the woods between the CIU village and campus for shoots – 2009]


[A father/daughter graduation day – May 2009]



[A February snow, walking the streets in the CIU village – 2010]


[More self-portrait practice in the field behind our home in the CIU village – 2010]


[Freshman year dorm room – 2010]


[Freshman year, Walker 2, dorm mates – 2010]

[Freshman year of college at CIU – 2010]


[Dorm room lighting – Freshman year at CIU – 2010]


[More construction in 2010 – The new on campus apartments + a small park]



[Campus sunset – 2011]

[Freshman year fun – Sorting animal crackers and bonding with friends – 2011]


[On campus- 2011]


[Library construction – 2011]


[Taking advantage of construction sand piles for self-portrait shoots – 2011]


[Moving into the on campus apartments with my family – Sophomore Year at CIU – 2011]


[Campus as the backdrop for my sister and brother-in-law’s engagement shoot – 2011]


[Fall on campus – 2011]


[Campus walks with friends – 2011]



[Spring on campus – 2012]


[Campus as the backdrop for a ‘3 months of dating’ shoot with my boy – 2012]


[More construction on campus summer 2012 + more self-portrait shoots]




I have lived on CIU campus  for 5 years now.

Have seen 5 freshman classes come,

and 5 senior classes go.

I have lived in the CIU villageapartments and dorms.

I have volunteered and worked in the


alumni center,

Humanities department,

WMHK radio station

and library

on campus.

I have finished two years of college at CIU and will begin my Junior year this Fall.

I have made it through 5 hot and humid summers.

I have shot countless self-portrait and client shoots on campus.

I have witnessed 3 of my siblings, and myself, meet their significant others at CIU.

I have seen construction on the






and landscaping.

I have seen the move from faculty row to the apartments.

I remember Formal Open Dorms.

I have seen the beginning of so many beautiful relationships of people on campus,

and have seen the weddings, marriages  and children that they progress to.

I have gone to years worth of chapels on campus.

I have attended 3 graduation ceremonies.






I have called CIU my ‘home’ for 5 years now.



it is unusual

to continually realize

that not everyone sees CIU the way I do.

Not everyone has 5 years of memories so closely knit with this campus.

Not everyone ends the school year,

but goes ‘home’ on campus still.

Not everyone has lived around the college mentality and the college student,

since they were fourteen years old.

Not everyone knows what it is like to call a college campus ‘home’.


And I will just say,

it has been quite the experience.

.   .   .


Happy August!

3 thoughts on “To call a college campus ‘Home’

  1. I, too, grew up on college campuses (and loved it).
    Looking through your pictures caused me to reminisce.
    Only recently have I begun to have “missing” moments towards CIU.
    Formal Open Dorms, Walker 2 memories and friendships I still have, and so much more!

    Thanks : )


  2. Oh I can relate with this in so many ways. Going on year #11 at CIU!! 🙂
    Loved your picture timeline, btdubs. You’re pretty great.


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