It’s always been her and I,


From the day I was born.


the friendship began.

We were the inseparable 18 month apart to the day ‘twins’

Always rooming together, from the beginning.

Always knowing we could come back to each other,

no matter how far away we went.

And that we would be there for each other,

no matter how far apart we were.

So different,

in nearly every way.

Her, quiet and introverted.

I, vocal and artistically extroverted.


through every difference, finding a way to compliment each-others personalities.

Going through grade school side by side.

Learning  with each other and relying on each other without even thinking about it,

because it was just the way it was.

Planning together.

Every sacred moment of life, every hopeful dream, every new journey.

Confiding in each other.

Every joyful moment, every fearful worry, every painful tear.

It’s always been her and I,



creating a greatest and most cherished of friendships,

a true best [sister] friend


In a week and half,

she is leaving to go

across the country

to continue school in California.

And it hasn’t seemed real,

until yesterday night.

And as I sit here at this desk,

I am crying.

Because I forget too often in my own mind,

and to remind her,

how important her presence is in my life,

and how much I really do need her.


She is such a beautiful person.

Inside and Out

Through and Through

She has always been there for me.

She has learned and is learning so much right now,

and is taking this next big step and following God’s plan for her life with assurance.

And I am so proud of her.

She has supported me and my artistic ventures whole heart-idly,

has helped me clarify things when I am confused,

and has spoken wisdom into my life in times when I am too focused on myself to pursue Christ.


Justin’s mother asked me while I was visiting,

if I would be very sad to not have Sarah with me for some time,


I thought about it,

and realized that we have never been apart for longer then two months,


 And that I really don’t know what it will be like without her.


as time moves forward,

and her departure date comes closer,

I am realizing,

more and more

how much

-so much-

I am going to miss her.


I love her so much,

she is


will forever be

a truest best friend.


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