Oh hey,

: )

It has been awhile.

Well…like a week.

But still.

Meanwhile I have moved, laughed, cried, slept, wondered and planned. 

I don’t have much coherent thought at the moment,

so here are some facts.


Justin and I sent nearly 2,500 emails back and forth this summer.

We put Gmail to work.


You should all read


post, on my sister’s blog,

because it is worth it.


I will see this face,

tomorrow night.

I am overwhelmingly happy.

: )


My best friend Ryan is here for a bit,

She is heading off to Jerusalem for this next semester to study abroad!!


In the next few days I will:

Say hello to my boyfriend and grandparents,

and say goodbye to my best friend and sister.

Needless to say my emotions are completely mixed up.



is my home for the next year.


I had lunch with my mother yesterday,

it was super!


Plans are being made,

exciting plans!


I painted this:

in all of its out of proportion grandeur!


And that,

is about it for now.

Until the near future then,


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