Welcome weekend! You have been missed.

First weekend of the school year!!!

First weekend!!!

And though I have to work 6 to midnight in the library today,

even if it is Saturday,

it is okay!!

Because it is the weekend!!

Which means I have made it through the first week of school!!


I would not be celebrating so much,

but this past week has been incredibly






and this weekend couldn’t have come fast enough.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which means,

no class, no work, no homework,

just Jesus, family and my boy.

It’s going to be lovely.


Here are a few snapshots of last night,

Friday night.

Andrew, my youngest brother, the highschool student,

treated Johnny, Justin and I to Sonic ice cream cones.

That’s right.

We make the high-school student pay for our college outings.

: )

[above] – Freaver Bog. A Classic.

Johnny misses his girl, Ryan, she is studying abroad in Israel this semester.


And then we painted for a bit.


All in all it was an excellent start to the weekend.

And Sunday is just 5 hours of work

and 1 sleep away!!


Happy Weekend fellow humanity,

enjoy it!!


P.S. Researching life options is difficult and incredibly exciting. Cheers!! ; )

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