‘Real Life’ Moments

I will write in paragraphs, perhaps?

Hello there, I hope you have all been well indeed. I have been busy, reminiscent and making plans. That seems to be a theme of life these days, making plans. It is rather grand and rather uncertain.

School has been going well. Since the beginning after my small breakdown of wondering what I am even doing with my life, I have settled into my classes a bit more, I am still planning and praying about the future, but for now, I can focus on the present.

I rearranged my room!! I lived in my dorm room almost a whole two weeks before rearranging!! Rather a record for me. My Freshman year I rearranged my room about 6 times. And well, now into Junior year I am off to a good start!

I rearranged earlier in the day yesterday, and last night, Justin came home from Wal-Mart with a small bookcase for my books, binders and sweaters!! And so he put it together and I took pictures.

{Prepare yourselves for a multitude of building photos, I can’t help but take photograph after photograph, he is just my most favorite.}

Somewhere in the building process, a mistake was made, causing a few pieces/walls to be mixed and the bottom became the top.

Justin felt a bit terrible that he had mixed up the pieces, but I love how it turned out!!! It’s so quirky and different!! It was made with care and turned out better than the directions could have ever predicted or the maker could have ever imagined!!

It’s perfect.

Here are a few photos from my room switch up, and I know what you are thinking, ‘Why is the bed so close to the fridge now??’

And even though it doesn’t seem to be it’s not as tight as it looks and I can still reach everything perfectly!!!

So do not worry blog readers, do not worry!

My favorite part is that now when you walk in there is a large space right in the center of the room instead of walking in on the end of the bed right away….it is a bit cozy, but as to be expected in the tiny stairwell room in which I reside.

It is my home.

Also, I gave Justin a haircut a few days ago, remember the FIRST time I cut his hair?

I’m a pro now. : )

And last, but not least,

I had a bit of time, so I created a graphic design profile for Justin and I.

I love it.

And I love him.

I hope to come again to blogging more regularly and perhaps on some more conceptual/thoughtful topics, life has been, well, life lately and I have processed so much. I think I have a few too many expectations about real life and when actually faced with real life don’t really understand that it IS real life and that I shouldn’t be waiting for something different to come.

Waiting….can waiting be a bad thing?

I think perhaps it might be at times, I don’t want to live my life always waiting for the next thing, for the next hour in the day, for the next class, for the next stage of life, I don’t want to forget to thoroughly enjoy the now!

However, I also don’t want to become complacent and impatient and not plan and not recognize the value of sticking with things in the present to bring along the benefits in the future.

It is just the dilemma of life, I suppose, continually figuring out the right balance of  things.

This is real life.

And I am ready to embrace it.

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