Date Day // Art Explorations

South Carolina doesn’t provide much in the way of artistic grandeur, but this past Friday Justin and I set out to find the hidden art gems in the city. We succeeded, and attended 3 gallery shows and visited an art store with more than a few more galleries and shows added to the list for future dates!

We discovered a newly opened farmers market, the medium of wood for art, more back roads of the city, the ins and outs of monotype art, collected carpenter pencils and oil points for our own collections and dined at the far less classy, yet classic Wendy’s and Tropical Smoothie.

And though the day included 85% humidity and some emotional ups and downs due to shopping frustration and lack of sleep, it was a beautiful adventure and a grand time together with my love!

I think many times the days that include more of an aspect of reality are the days that are the most enjoyable, the most bonding and the most memorable.

It was an inspiring day, and one that made me look into perhaps getting involved somehow with some artists in some capacity. I have not been involved in any type of artistic community since my Flickr days and I feel the loss…we will see where my inquiries go!

A few more blog posts will follow with some more details of our date and my labor day weekend activities!!

But now, homework lists, scheduling needs and responsibilities are calling screaming my name, and so, duty calls!

4 thoughts on “Date Day // Art Explorations

  1. I did a lot of shoots at 701 whaley
    i don’t know when they have it but once a year they have a open studio event and artist all around columbia open up their studio’s or homes for open houses. There are scads of them to choose from and it’s a super fun date/experience.


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