A Love Note

There is nothing like a handwritten note. And still nothing like a handwritten love note. Filled with sweet reminders and even at times caring challenges. An intentional gesture that conveys far more than just the words it is inscribed with.

Justin and I have written many notes to each other since we started dating (10 months ago now!) and over Summer alone we wrote letters, sent over 2000 emails and Justin kept a secret daily journal to give to me at Summer’s end.

Writing is an excellent outlet for clarification, a simple way to keep record of a train of thought and a reliable source to reference back to,

I am taking a Marriage and Family course this semester and my professor even mentioned that when a couple is angry with each other and trying to solve an issue to stop and write out their frustrations because it takes out both unintentional/hurtful tone of voice and words that have not been thought through and aren’t needed.

The written word is an interesting tool and a weighty form of communication.

And the handwritten love note, I do believe, is one of the grandest uses. 


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