Four Eyes

I need to wear glasses.

No really.

I NEED to wear glasses.

Without them, I would basically be considered legally blind.

My prescription as of now is a -11.75 in my left eye and a -12.00 in the other.

To give a bit of perspective on that, normally people who say that they need glasses have between a -2 or -5 prescription.

I am not ashamed or upset with my lot in life though!!

I very much love glasses and would now like to share with you my glasses history, specifically in regards to a website that I feel everyone, no matter what their prescription, should be aware of!

This is not all, but a selection of glasses that I have worn in the past 5-6 years.

And the above collection probably cost me less than $500 all together, a good deal to those who understand how pricey glasses can be.

Now, where do you ask did I get such a grand collection at such a good price?

Zenni Optical.

It is a brilliant, high quality site that I highly recommend!
Another look at the picture above, with some additions, will show you how many of them I actually did purchase from Zenni.

They have always been the greatest of help and such a grand resource for me, even with my awful prescription!

And over the years they have just gotten better and faster in their production!

Below are a few ‘throughout the years’ photographs of my glasses history and then in the end the pair that I just recently ordered and received in the past couple weeks.

And today:

And there it is! My, nearly, complete glasses history. It can’t be fully complete because I have worn glasses since I was 7 years old…

…those were classy years I tell ya, classy.

But there you have it, a relatively complete history as well as the knowledge about a brilliant site for all of your glasses needs!!!

You’re welcome.

; )

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