Another Weekend

Due to a cold that is circulating around campus and being caught by both Justin, Johnny and I, this past weekend was spent inside and on campus. Cozy blankets and TV shows were used and watched and the record player was cued up to play Waltz and Blues throughout the hours.

And now to reveal one of, if not the most, fun weekend activity: folding Justin up super tight in a blanket!

He looked a little too cute and cozy all wrapped up!

We watched Friends and How I Met Your Mother and my room became rather messy, but I am unashamed, I blame my lack of tidiness over the weekend on being sick. Convenient I know. Honestly though, I am quite a neat and organized person, I promise you!

And even though we were sick we even got a bit of art time in,

The weekend also included,

Christmas Lights

The best Ramen

Church Nursery

Sleepless in Seattle


great conversation.

Things are settling down now, God is providing insight and direction, and in such a way that I would have never thought.

Isn’t that always how it is?

You’d think I would stop assuming that I know best after all of these years and just know that He is far more aware of what and when I need something then I am!
It is something great to let God be God and not try or think that it is my responsibly to take on that role that I can’t ever fulfill and continue to fall short of. There is nothing better than a peaceful heart and a simple appreciation for the things and relationships in my life now and the stage of life that I can fully experience and enjoy now, instead of continually  even subconsciously, wishing for more or different.

To be fully content in Christ, is to be fully content in the now.

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