Too In Love

You know those times when you are with your favorite boy.

And even though you know that life isn’t perfect, people aren’t perfect and reality is just around the corner, you choose to, for just a moment, overlook all of those things.

That feeling of having so much love for them that inside it feels like your heart is just wanting to burst because it is just so full.

It is enough just to be able to hold their hand and look at them, yet still you can’t help but think there has got to be an even better way to express how much affection you have for them.

But you can’t actually think of what that way could be,

because it would have to be something that has never been done before, because everything that has already been done doesn’t seem to live up to expressing the truest of love you feel towards them, it would have to be something so grand and so beautiful, some brilliant unknown word, some amazing beautiful action, some incredible outstanding gift.

But there just isn’t anything that can express how you feel,

so you just hold their hand and look at them, hoping that they will know how deeply you care about them, how strongly you want to fight through anything with them, and how purely you desire to grow up in love with them.

These days bring a lot of those times.

And they are blissful.

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