Awkward & Awesome


1. To be continually mistaken for being engaged, and even married, already to my darling boy. ‘Not yet everyone, calm down! We are working on it.’ ….but seriously, does sitting on a bench together outside the classroom building each day and hugging really say ‘WE’RE MARRIED that much?

2. The incredibly talkative man at the hair salon who felt the great need to have a consistent conversation with the woman sitting next to me…that’s right, next to me. I was just the silent eavesdropper sandwich stuck between the two as they chatted away.

3. When students ask for my help to find books and then find them before I do….I feel so undermined as a librarian…come on people, at least give me five minutes to work my magic! (Also, I blame my horrible eye sight for my occasional delay in finding books, yes….it’s certainly the fault of my vision.)

4. When students come up to the desk and just stare at me for a good many seconds before stating their need….so….awkward…..

5. The fact that I will never fully understand or remember the correct usage of than and then.

6. Not hearing someone…but still nodding and saying ‘hmmhmmm’…..and then seeing that they expect a reply and having to humble myself and ask…’sorry,what did you say?’…..while inwardly cringing at my oversight…..its a treasure of an experience.

7. Use of a public restroom at the same pace of another person.

8. Writing a personal blog post to my darling boy to be posted to our own special blog, but instead accidentally posting it for all the world, since of course all the world reads my blog, to see. Needless to say the inadvertent invasion of privacy caused my heart to settle nicely into the pit of my stomach for a good many hours.


1. Looking up synonyms for every word, EVER! Each time I write a paper, or blog post for that matter, I underline every word I don’t find grand enough and then search through the Thesaurus archives to find that one perfect replacement word!

2. The fact that I am finally finishing this tearful, soul wrenching chapter of my life and am starting to feel the warmth and briskness of Fall, but let’s be honest, it’s really the peace of Christ, embrace my soul and shatter the tremendous standards and poor self-critique that I have lived with for so long.

3. Getting a trim and layers instead of chopping off all of my hair like I always do when it gets to be this length. Long hair you WILL be mine!!

4. The fact that is has been over 11 months now that I have been dating the love of my life and it has already been a crazy beautiful ride!!

5. Justin getting a brilliant flat creme pumpkin from Walmart, naming it Gerald and then setting it in the backseat of the car only for him to ask a few minutes into our trip home, with great concern, while driving, ‘How’s Gerald doing?’ and for me to look in the backseat and reply, ‘He is doing so well, baby!’ ….we’re gonna be great little parents someday, I just know it.

6. My new sweatpants, that have revolutionized my idea of comfort, and my tortoise-shell patterned barrette, which matches my glasses, that Justin bought for me!

7. Justin learning Greek and my learning to read French. Lengthy but enjoyable ventures.

8. That I FINALLY get a full Saturday off of work this coming weekend after 3 weeks!! Also, Fall Break!!

9. Justin’s coats // Double Dates // Animal Crackers // Some dancing // Empty Libraries // Chairs that Spin // How I met Your Mother // Autumn




Today = Happy 11th Months of dating anniversary to Justin and I!

p.s. And don’t you worry your pretty little heads about it, fresh new quality pictures/updates are coming to the blog soon!

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