Ode to a Wagon

My darling boy,

Today the beloved station wagon is being sold and departing from our lives,

and so, in its memory I recall some of the many brilliant times we have had with that car.

  • The night you told me you liked me, and you and Johnny parked behind Walmart to drink eggnog in celebration…but had a discussion with the police instead.
  • That time we drove home ever so carefully because we thought the front tire might be ready to blow.
  • That time we fell asleep in the wagon at 3am because we were just so tired, but didn’t want to stop talking.
  • The many times the wagon brought us to and from train stations, sometimes to take us apart, sometimes to bring us back together.
  • The first time you cried in front of me as we sat in the wagon and talked about Summer break.
  • The first night back from Summer break when I cried after you gave me my Summer long love note and because I was so glad that Summer was finally over.
  • Those times that we chatted with the police because the wagon was the warmest place to sit and talk and be shielded from the cold, but fogged windows and a dark station wagon don’t exactly scream appropriate activity.
  • That time that you were still practicing how to drive and you parked the wagon perfectly, despite its crazy size.
  • All of those criticisms of the ‘ugly old wagon’ only to realize that it was actually becoming more and more dear to our sentimental hearts.
  • After the wagon’s muffler was replaced making it sound more like a late 60’s mustang instead of just an old white station wagon like it was.
  • All of those anniversary dates, birthday dates, and just because dates driven to and from in the wagon.
  • The school breaks, and moving days we packed up the wagon until it was brimming with belongings.
  • The tears, laughter, honest, awkward conversations and realization moments.
  • From the season of Fall to the season of Spring and back again.

And so much more,

Here’s to the old white station wagon, and all the glowing memories it has brought us!

We will miss you wagon, thanks for everything.

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