Happy First!

This morning at 8am Spring registration opened for school!!!!!

Lets just say it was the biggest most waited for event ALL SEMESTER….

okay, okay, maybe I shouldn’t say that. : )

STILL it is a pretty big deal though!

Justin and I had planned out our Spring class schedules the week before and had made a plan to stay up until midnight on Wednesday night to register…until we found out that registration did not open until 8am on November 1st, so instead we decided we would actually sleep and wake up a short while before it opened in the morning time.

Good call, I know.

My 8am class was cancelled, but I still made sure to wake up at 7:45am to make sure that I was ready and able to register for all the classes I wanted to take in the Spring!

At 8:00 I was poised at my laptop, I refreshed the course page and….nothing…

at 8:01 I refreshed the page again….still nothing….

at 8:02 I refreshed the page one more time and registration was OPEN!!!

Needless to say it was a very exciting start to the morning!

And I know you were all just waiting to hear my ‘registering for Spring classes’ story.

And now you have.

You’re welcome.


Happy November 1st!!!

To welcome in this new month, I will tell you another story of my morning.

Last night Justin emailed me to tell me to meet him at 9am outside my dorm for a surprise!!

And I did…wearing my purple bathrobe and slippers.

Meeting outside the dorm is a common occurrence for us and so I didn’t think much about what I was wearing, assuming we would just stay right near the door.

And so, I waited outside for him, once he saw me he called for me to hurry, caught my hand and whisked me away to our favorite swing on the hill beside my dormitory.

I will side note this story by saying that he had a class at 9:30am, and it was at this point 9:04am.

So there we were sitting on our swing covered with a red fleece blanket he had brought to keep us warm,

at which point he revealed the surprise!

A ‘first’ breakfast date: in honor of the first of November!

A multi-grain bagel for each of us and a blueberry muffin for dessert!! 

It was a perfect surprise. 

I was so glad that he had not thought the short time we had before his class to have ‘first’ breakfast too short a time to still surprise me! And I was so glad he did not give my attire a second thought when he first saw me and said instead that he was glad that I was still dressed cozily, so then I would be warm and comfy during the surprise (being on a hill in the morning time invites a cool morning breeze, but my purple bathrobe, and the red blanket, withstood the test and did indeed keep me very warm!!)

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my first morning of November 2012, sitting on our swing atop a hill, in the cool, yet warm, morning sunshine, enjoying bagels and a blueberry muffin, with him.

In 5 days we will celebrate our 1 year of dating anniversary.

It has been the most crazy, growing, life learning, emotional, brilliantly happy year of my life thus far,

and I am so looking forward to all of the breakfasts, ‘first’ and otherwise, that I will be able to share with my darling boy in all of the years to come.

I love him.




Another grand note is that we have begun to knit!!

That’s right!!



I recently re-found my knitting needles and by doing so also started a new venture with Justin!

We are attempting to make scarves at the moment, and it is going swell!


Also, I have to two notes to add to this first night of knitting story:

1) Justin bought a loaf of fresh onion bread, which we quite quickly devoured while starting our new endeavor,

also, I just love how my 28mm lens make proportions all crazy sometimes,

also, isn’t he just the cutest little guy with his loaf of bread snack? ; )

2) Justin has been wearing a little hat lately due to the cooler weather, and I just think he looks so adorable with it on, and so as a knitting break we each tried it on and took a picture.

Adorable, yes? I mean am I right or am I right? : )




Today also included a good many tears,

a brilliant dish of chicken & pasta,

[hopefully] the finishing of a research paper,

7 hours of work,

multiple hugs

and a re-starting of my scarf

[I made it WAY too big to begin with, it looked far more like I was attempting to knit a blanket than a scarf…and I’m just not ready to handle the pressure of knitting a blanket right now : ) ]


And so, with those stories,

a Happy November to you all!

Enjoy the new month, and all that comes with it!

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