A Car & A Year Old Photograph


I became the, ever so, proud owner of my first car.

It is a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera .

And it’s all mine.

It is such an amazing blessing,

and as I drove it home I couldn’t help but be completely overwhelmed at God’s provision.

– Why is it just so easy many times to not be fully happy and content with what is being provided for, merely because it isn’t what we want to be provided at that time? 

Selfishness robs so much joy and peace that contentedness wishes to supply. –

I am already so fond of the little car, who is still yet to be named, and can’t wait to see what adventures it will provide me with!


On another note, today is my schools annual football/school spirit game and as Justin and I sat on the bleachers waiting to eat some burgers for dinner before I had to head off to work, we remembered sitting in the exact same place a year ago today and reminisced on how things were then to how they are now.

Last Year: Top row – Me, Justin and Cam // Bottom row – Ryan and Johnny (Best friend + brother who had also just started dating at that time!)

At this point in time Justin and I had been spending quite a bit of time together but had not yet told each other that we had feelings for one another [He would end up telling me just 3 days later!], we were at that point right before dating when there is enough to assume that the other person has feelings for you, but you never want to fully convince yourself that they do, so you both just keep sending signals to see if they are reciprocated, which in our case they certainly were. Grand times! : )

It was a blustery Fall night filled with fun and laughter as we all sat around watching the football game  talking and building relationships!

And now a year later:

We have nearly been dating for a year,

life circumstances have completely changed,

relationships have been grown and nurtured,

and neither of us stayed to watch the game.

Things certainly change a lot in a year, but in quite a good way.

: )


As a final note, while I was at work yesterday an art idea came to mind, and by mid morning today I had completed it.

[I am very much goal oriented once something comes to mind that I truly love and want to pursue = sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse] 

Entitled: New York, New York

I love NYC, it is one of my absolute favorite places on this earth.

And the state of NY was my home for 8 years, and served me quite well.

As a tribute to the state and city that I am so incredibly fond of,

I created the above piece of art.

NY & NYC will forever be a part of who I am, because they are simply just that brilliant.


P.S. Don’t forget to ‘Fall behind‘ and change your clocks tonight! And cheers for another hour!


buy yourselves some Burt’s Bees lip balm for the winter season, you won’t be sorry!

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