Season by Season

As time keeps on moving, this Fall semester of 2012 comes to a nearer close, and I wonder how the semesters can keep going by so quickly. Fall is wishing us goodbye with each falling leaf and winter is coming to take its brisk place. With each passing day comes new challenges and new perceptions. The exchanging of ideas and the putting aside of poor perspectives. The continual battle of the will between building on the rock or on the sand persists. Fresh circumstances arise and old dreams are pushed back, though perhaps just for a season. And so each season takes its place in life, and though each time it is human nature to wish for what we do not have, in cold we wish for warmth and in heat we wish for a crisp chill, life also always brings the need for contentment, despite the uphill journey in the process, because the result is always a far more joyous fashion of living.


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