a Georgia kind of weekend

This past weekend, a group of five, Caleb/Emily/Johnny/Justin/Me, headed to Georgia to visit Caleb’s family and partake in some activities far away from campus for a time.

The weekend included, 2 cats, 4 dogs, a donkey, 2 horses, rock climbing, hiking, a mountain sunset, horse back riding, cooking over an open fire, music, an 18 person band for a Sunday offertory, sporadic musical endeavors, the game of pool, discussion, laughter and a cozy 3 hour ride there and back.

For me, I would describe the weekend as challenging. So very good for me, yet difficult in many ways. I am incredibly grateful for such amazing friends, for honest conversation, for hospitality, for a break from campus, for a different perspective, for an overarching theme and for a renewed spirit.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to fall in love with life again. 

With all the uncertainty, relationship up’s and down’s and required maturity.

Life is the never-ending classroom and it was nice to get away from the college classroom and learn more about life by personal experience only for a short while.

It was a lovely weekend.  

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