Roadtrip to Florida and Downtown Disney

First off, I would like to note how much I dislike uploading pictures in a gallery, I far prefer each picture individually placed in the post, but I surrendered that desire due to having 61 photos to share. : )

I am now in Florida with Justin’s family!! It has merely been one day and has already been so great!!

The road trip down Brittany, Justin and I played music the entire way, stopped at the Florida Welcome Center and also the mandatory stop at Wendy’s for lunch!

Our first day we arrived we looked through all the Henry kids special bins and I got to hear so many stories and see so many memory filled things!! A couple of the best finds in Justin’s bin were his little baby sweater and mittens, some photographs of him as a little boy, his first haircut curls and Justin’s Bach bust, we also began a grand game of Risk!

The second day we were here we went to church in the morning time, and then walked through a street market and art show. In the evening we walked through downtown Disney, visited the lego store, where Justin and I built ourselves in Lego’s along with an imaginary child, walked through the crazy big Disney store and found some fabulous plush Winnie The Pooh stuffed animals, and Justin’s grandma, Memom, bought Justin and I a round Eeyore as our souvenir!! And then to finish it off ate a Mint Sundae from the Ghirardelli shop and took pictures around the Christmas tree!!

It has been so amazing to have gotten away from campus for a while and to be able to relax!! I am having such an amazing time!!

Until next time, friends!! Enjoy your (near) Thanksgiving Break!!!!

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