Christmas Time is Here!

Why hello Christmas time!

I do enjoy you so very much, despite your constantly making me wish for a real live Christmas tree! 

I suppose a Christmas lights tree will just have to do for now.

**these blogposts don’t help much in my ‘lack of real tree’ contentment either. ; ) // here // here // here //

I must admit, it doesn’t feel much like Christmas time yet, maybe it’s the looming end of semester work that has made me unable to sing Christmas carols freely, perhaps it is the fickle weather, though the frost on the grass this morning and the ability to see my breath seemed to promise a wintry Christmas may still be coming after all (oh southern weather how you torment me!), possibly it is my desire to be able to celebrate this special holiday with my darling boy, a desire which can’t be met at this time in life, that has caused some sadness to cover over a bit of the joy of this lovely season.

But never fear!! The Christmas break countdown has been made, school is winding down to a close, holiday plans are getting settled and I am beginning to feel myself able to experience all of the certain holiday joys that are only contained in these few weeks of the year!

This year’s holiday season is going to be lovely! Full of friend and family homecomings, more work hours = more money to save, a wedding photography venture in January, special packages, quality time with my family and a grand break from school!

A few things here and there to mention:

WordPress has finally made a new system of inputting pictures into a post, and I am in love with the ease of it now!! Well done WordPress, well done!

I am loving having my hair longer for the colder months! It has been a solid 3-4 years since that has been the case!

You should all read THIS post by my older sister, because even if you are not yet married, or even engaged, it is worth reading the wise words that she has so skillfully written.

I am still very much enthralled with MineCraft! It is such a brilliant game! I am enjoying every chance I get to be able to continue to build and craft in each of the worlds that I have begun on THREE different computers now!! Obsessed you say? Quite possibly. : )

I have also been enjoying a bit of a hiatus from Facebook for the past week, one that may possibly become a permanent state. I must say it was MUCH harder to resist signing in at the start of the break than I would have thought it would be. I feel a bit of shame, because at first I did not give it up completely but instead just stopped being active on it or interacting through comments and likes, soon after though I realized that I was merely lying to myself because I wasn’t actually leaving Facebook, just becoming a silent observer. So about a week ago today I officially gave up any logging in at all. A grand decision I must say, and one that has freed my almost life-line-like connection to the internet in quite a significant way! The break has allowed far more contentment and less distraction than I would have ever thought Facebook was robbing me of!

The near future contains double dates, my best friend coming back from studying abroad, finalizing all school requirements, a Christmas tree farm expedition, Walmart popcorn tins, cozy Barnes and Noble dates and all of the learning and discovering that happens along the way!!!

Happy Christmas Season  to you all!!

And to all a good night!!


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