Moving #storyofmylife

IMG_7803 copy

The semester is coming to an excellent close! Each time I finish something up I can feel myself able to breathe easier and enjoy life, and at the moment the holidays, more and more!!

I am very pleased with my grades this semester and the outcome of each of my classes along with the experiences of life and relationships through the past months.

I will be leaving my little single room in a week from tomorrow and switching over to a double room that I will share with Ryan, who has just yesterday returned from her trip abroad to study for this past semester!

I am very excited about not being alone any longer, these past few months were the first time I have ever had my own room and I can’t say I have loved it all that much. Going back to an empty room was at times the saddest part of my semester day to day, I like to have at least one other person around, maybe that is from growing up in a family of 8, but nevertheless it makes my heart much more at ease when I am not alone!! And so, I am thrilled to be able to be getting a roommate again!!

So once again change is coming back to my life, packing up, changing rooms, remembering how to once again have a long distance relationship, shooting my first wedding, working a near full time job, and living away from home for the break,

I am excited, yet still nervous about the changes, not all of them would be my first choice, and some of them are just a little daunting to me right now,

but I know that this Christmas season contains things for me that I would never guess it would, and I am praying that I will be able to experience all of what it holds with a peaceful joyful heart!!

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