Provision and Pride

IMG_7861 copyIMG_8084 copy IMG_8046 copy IMG_7986 copyIMG_8169 copy IMG_8171 copyGod has provided in so many ways this past week,

in things as small as personal encouragement,

to things larger like life plans and accomplished goals!!

Why is it that it is only when God provides in His timing that I realize how poorly I wait for Him to do so, instead of realizing that I need an attitude adjustment during the waiting and before the provision.

I groan and complain as I see closed doors, and convince myself that God has suddenly disregarded His will for my life and no longer wants to provide for me.

Dramatic? Yes, your right. : )

Just another piece of evidence to prove how controlling and prideful I am…classic humanity, classic me. 

But despite my waiting attitude,

I am so very thankful for the ability to recognize and experience God’s provision!!

I will be giving more updates as things continue to progress,

and there are some very exciting things coming up in the near future,

so stay tuned!!!


p.s. The photos above are of my church for a project that I completed for them as a part of my past semester,

the commencing of packing = messy room

also my best friend Ryan is back and we played around a bit today with bobby pins as she considered what style of bangs she wants!!

I am so glad that she is back and that there is another girl in our little group once more!!


Overall, life is coming into unexpected order, and I am thrilled!!

Also, Merry Christmas season everyone!!!

: )

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