[ No not me and Justin, not yet!! ]

My brother Johnny and best friend Ryan!!!!

Last night Andrew, Caleb, Justin and I embarked as a team to set the stage for Johnny to propose to Ryan!!

With all the stealth and skill we possess we lit 185 tea light candles on the small dock beside the lake and then waited for the arrival of Johnny and Ryan (who was blind folded), once we saw them pull in we drove off back to go back to my sister and brother-in-laws home for a small party!!

It was a wonderful night and we are all so excited!!!

Cheers to gaining another sister and planning a wedding!!!

These are happy times, for so many sensational reasons!!!

IMG_8181 copy

IMG_8187 copy IMG_8191 copy IMG_8195 IMG_8198 copy IMG_8200 copy IMG_8206 copy IMG_8218 IMG_8224 copy IMG_8229 IMG_8231 copy IMG_8232 IMG_8237 copy IMG_8239 copy IMG_8241 copy IMG_8244 copy IMG_8250 copy IMG_8258 copy IMG_8262 copy IMG_8265 copy IMG_8268 copy IMG_8271 copy IMG_8272 copy IMG_8279 copy IMG_8281 copy IMG_8288 copy IMG_8291 copy IMG_8296 copy IMG_8299 copy IMG_8304 copy

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