Life amidst the Holidays

IMG_8173 copy IMG_8307 copySo, the above is going to be my, and my best friends, new dorm room!

Compared to my tiny little stairwell room this room makes me feel like I have gained an entire house!

I only just started organizing before it was time to pack up and say goodbye for Christmas break,

but on January 21st we will be back to make it the most organized and comfortable room campus has ever seen!!

I am very excited!! Maybe I will make a room returning countdown? 


This past weekend has been a whirlwind of events,

finishing the semester,

reaching life goals,

an engagement,

nursery at church (with EIGHT babies),

potluck at church,

and a Christmas ball at church!

And now we are in the final week before Christmas!

I will be working 32.5 hours this week,

going on a dinner and Lights at the Zoo date with my darling boy,

saying goodbye to him for the holidays,

perhaps receiving an exciting package,

and looking forward to my dad’s birthday, Christmas, New Years and the returning of my sister, Sarah!!


Here are a few more random bits and pieces of life over the last few weeks.


The annual cafeteria Christmas meal. I do enjoy my fruit….and apparently pie smothered in whipped cream as well! ; )


A sheep peering into the door of my home on iPad minecraft.

photo (1)

And my boy knowing exactly how to make my happy, with a family size bag of munchies and peppermint candy canes!


More holiday news and life bits and pieces to come!

Enjoy your holidays!! They will be coming and going fast!!

Happy 7 days till Christmas!

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