A Different Burger

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Last night was Justin and I’s final formal date before he leaves for the holidays,

we had planned to go to Chili’s (their avocado burger is my absolute favorite!), Yoghut and then on to the zoo to see the Christmas lights,

but due to different circumstances like traffic and oncoming sickness,

we ended up visiting Fuddruckers for the very first time together, making a quick trip to Walmart, finishing up with some frozen yogurt [ I am ashamed to say the bowl with the much larger quantity is mine and not Justin’s. : ) ] and time at home with my family.

It was an interesting and uniquely enjoyable evening!

I rarely try new things and instead consistently am loyal to the same restaurants, the same orders and the same foods,

so when Justin suggested we go to Fuddruckers instead of Chili’s I quickly felt worried and disloyal to my consistent ways, but then realized that it was a good time to let Justin help me branch out and learn to enjoy the unexpected and changing of plans!

ahhh, the changing of plans…it upsets my sense of control and balance every time!

But I am SO glad that he suggested the switch and we had a grand evening figuring out a new restaurant and making plans as we went!

I can feel myself getting more spontaneous by the minute…sort of.

; )


p.s. Whenever I hear the word spontaneous it just makes me think of the quote by Harry Bright, played by Colin Firth, from the movie Mamma Mia,

“Donna: Wh-wh what are you all doing here? 
Bill: I’m writing a travel piece. 
Harry Bright: I- I’m on a spontaneous holiday. 
Sam Carmichael: I-I-I I just dropped in to say… hi.”


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