Bits of Break

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So far break has included bits of many things.

A bit of cooking,

a bit of eating,

a bit of working,

a bit of getting sick,

a bit of Harry Potter,

a bit of saying goodbye, with a bit of crying,

a bit of happy surprises,

a bit of holiday shopping,

a bit of buying toilet paper for the first time in my entire life,

a bit of wrapping presents,

a bit of playing video games,

a bit of sleeping in,

a bit of long showers,

a bit of not sleeping until 3am,

a bit of family conversation,

a bit of my sister’s brilliant chocolate chip cookies [Her and my mom have mastered their recipes,  I on the other hand have mastered always adding too much flour or burning them….my recipe is still a work in much process. ; ) ]


It is good to be on Christmas break, it is good to be able to go home and have nearly all of my family there, it is good to be able to afford some presents, it is good to be able to relax my mind and stop thinking about academics, but instead just learn to and be able to simply meditate on life without forcing my mind to make sense of everything, understand and have control.

I am happy.


And now to again remember what this season is all about,

the birth of Jesus Christ,

the Savior of the world,

and thank God that in His grace and mercy He saw fit to bless humanity with the opportunity to find rest in Him,

despite the cost.

It is a time to be thankful and a time to be joyful,

because so many years ago,

the most beautiful thing to happen to humanity

happened one night in a stable,

and this, this is why we celebrate the coming day of Christmas.

Happy tidings my friends, happy tidings!

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