A Time for Christmas

IMG_8455 copyMy car, all dressed up for Christmas.

IMG_8491 copyMom’s stew, one of my favorites.

IMG_8497 copy‘Chocolate Covered Fish’ in his new home on my rear view mirror.

IMG_8512 copyToothpaste, the ultimate homemade face mask.

IMG_8498 copyDrawing with Johnny, inspired by Pinterest.

IMG_8500 copy

All the Christmas presents had a home on the dining room table for a few days, it would have been a gold mine for the person who enjoyed sneaking a peak at the gifts before Christmas day.

IMG_8514 copy

Happy Holiday packages from family far away.

IMG_8503 copy

Ribbons and Bows.

IMG_8519 copy

Under the tree.

IMG_8521 copy

Some holiday bokeh.

IMG_8527 copy

Christmas Eve. Joy.

IMG_8532 copy

Little Eliza.

IMG_8536 copy

Holiday Cheer.

IMG_8580 copy

The chocolate doughnuts, one part of the Christmas morning tradition duo, doughnuts & orange juice

IMG_8584 copy

A uniquely colored advent wreath, in remembrance of this seasons meaning.

IMG_8586 copy

My first ever gift from Santa!

IMG_8600 copy



Christmas this year was brilliant.

Friends and Family.

Remembering Christ’s birth and celebrating traditions.

It was a perfect way to wrap up 2012’s holidays,

it is still a bit hard to believe that 2013 is merely a week away!

but for now,

Merry Christmas to you all,

and to all a wonderful night.

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