A Change for 2013

IMG_8610 copy

IMG_8611 copy

IMG_8612 copy

IMG_8613 copy

IMG_8615 copy

IMG_8627 copy

IMG_8665 copy

IMG_8671 copy

IMG_8668 copy

IMG_8666 copyThese past few days have been such a good time just relaxing with family,

we all began watching Downton Abbey together after Christmas, have finished the first season and are eagerly awaiting the 2nd and the 3rd!

Last night though, Sarah, Ryan and I went over to my sister Charissa’s for a spa night,

Charissa had set up a bunch of different stations from nail polish to facials, skin scrubs to moisturizers,

it was perfect!

Along with the spa procedures we also included a bit of hair dye!

I got some lowlights, the first dye to be on my hair for nearly 8 months, and I believe I love them. They are still a bit new, but I think that brown hair is so cozy and I don’t think it will take very long for me to embrace them in all of their coziness! : )

Charissa also got some red lowlights, with a brown dye over them to blend them, aaand


doesn’t she look wonderful?

It is nights like last night that I am so incredibly grateful to have her as my older sister,

sometimes I wonder how she does so well, and feel so glad to not have been the older sister because I could never fill the place that she takes on so very well!!

I love her so very much!

It was lovely to be able to spend some time together with all of my sisters, biological and otherwise!

We were only missing my sister-in-law Judy and I very much look forward to the time when we can all come together for a grand spa evening!


Another grand piece of information is that Justin comes back a week from today, to not only see me again, but to start his new job!

I am ever so proud of him and am terribly excited to be with him again in just 7 days.


Meanwhile the holidays are still upon us and I am very excited for 2013 and all the new beginnings, experiences, learning and opportunities that it contains!!

5 thoughts on “A Change for 2013

  1. I miss you guys so much and would love nothing more than a spa night with you all! I’m sure we’ll (finally) get to see and visit with you guys at least once this year.. 😉


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