of late and of last year.

Of Late, I have

shot just a few engagement photographs for my brother and best friend {soon to be sister-in-law!} more to come at a later date!


enjoyed my Christmas present from my darling boy. {No it is not the engagement ring, not quite yet!}


Shot a wedding {My second one, it was a wonderful experience and one that allowed me to rent some equipment I could only dream of owning right now!}



worked many many hours at my job at my school’s library.


and eaten more chocolate cake topped with cream cheese frosting, strawberries and m&ms than would ever be good for me!



Of last year, I was

peering into the windows of the not-yet open library in which I now work.


Wearing a full sweat suit…which with the 70 degree weather we’re having now is just ridiculous to even think about.


Swapping baby pictures with Justin, then having only dated for little more than 2 months. Just look how cute and pudgy he was as a baby! Honestly I can’t even imagine how brilliantly chubby our babies will be, I couldn’t be more thrilled! With me, especially when it comes to babies, the more chub the better!


oh and lets not forget my brilliant iced tree masterpiece,


takes your breath away doesn’t it?

; )


After living a bit of this new year of 2013 I feel that it does indeed hold some charming adventures for me,

and I am so very excited to see what comes of these next months!




Even though it’s premature, and we made the registry to get the $20 gift card Target sent me a coupon for, it still makes my heart beat fast whenever I read the title.

I love him so very much.


One thought on “of late and of last year.

  1. This just makes me happy. 😀

    And YES to the chubby babies! The chubbier the better. I just saw some pictures of an old co-worker’s new little RED-HEADED CHUBBY BABY. It was THE BEST! 😀


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