Two Decades

Oh well hello there!!

It seems like its been ages since I’ve last been able to write here on this little blog,

though it’s actually only been 5 days,

BUT in those 5 days another good ol’ college semester has started bringing with it the classes that are very befitting of a second semester junior year, aka ‘foresee-ably the most difficult semester I’ve had thus far in my college career’ AND I celebrated my 20th year of birth!

So it hasn’t been so quiet on this side, even though the crickets have been singing loudly on the blog,

here, however, are a few photographs to ease the way back into blogging amidst a busy semester!

Immediately below is a quick peak at my very first Build-A-Bear result! For Christmas, Justin’s mother gave me a gift card and I was thrilled to finally be able to see how it was done at the Build-A-Bear workshop!! I know, I know, he’s only wearing shoes, something the cashier wanted to very much emphasize by stating that my bear was in fact naked, however, I planned his lack of clothing quite on purpose, I find him to be the most cozy when he is in fact naked, so thus he is. And I assure you, after some weeks, that I am still quite glad of my decision, he is one of the softest most sentimental stuffed animals I have ever owned and keeps my general life theme ‘simple is better‘ wonderfully. His name is Loom and I love him.

IMG_9496 copy

IMG_9498 copyMy birthday lunch at home was done a few days before my actual birthday on this past Sunday, it was brilliant and simple and the perfect way to celebrate my now 20 years of life.

IMG_9505 copy

IMG_9535 copy

IMG_9536 copy

IMG_9558 copy

IMG_9560 copy

IMG_9564 copy

IMG_9577 copy

IMG_9581 copy

IMG_9593 copy

IMG_9594 copy

IMG_9603 copy

IMG_9604 copy

IMG_9614 copyOn my actual birthday, January 23rd, classes started for the Spring semester, so the celebrations had to wait until later that night when Justin, my sister Sarah and I went off for some frozen yogurt at Yoghut and then to peruse Barnes and Noble for a bit.

photo (1)On the way we put just a bit more gas in the car and as always played the ‘try to get an even amount’ game,


photo (3)…Justin lost that night.

This is how he feels about losing the game,

photo (2)the poor guy. : )

The night, apart from the lost game, was a lovely time though, I assure you!!!


Year 20 of my life is bound to hold some pretty brilliant ventures,

and I am already learning daily about so much it feels like my mind might explode and my crazy busy schedule burst into flames,

ah well,

such is growing up I suppose, yes?

So long teen years, you were lovely,

but all in all I’m glad to wish you goodbye and see what else life has in store for me,

its going to be one crazy time.

: )

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