:: Places ::

There are not so many places on this earth that I feel a deep connection to,

only a few that seem to connect with my inner soul and make me feel

a deep rest and an overwhelming sense of belonging.

The few beautiful places are as follows;


Bath, New York

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis small village-town that housed nearly 9 of my growing up years will always be remembered and treasured in my heart as the little nostalgic town that didn’t seem to change at all throughout the years I lived there. The quaint and familiar location  that was the perfect setting for family walks, home school field trips, kids theatre, snowy winters, best friends, simple family and friend focused holidays and so much more. The place that allowed for so many beautiful relationships and experiences and encapsulates my childhood so well that I deeply feel that I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up or better people to grow up with.  It is certainly a treasured location to me and a backdrop to years of wonderful memories.


New York City, New York 

Chrysler_Building_Midtown_Manhattan_New_York_City_1932In keeping with a New York tradition I now bring New York City to the spotlight. I have been to NYC only twice in my entire life time, but for some reason it brings me so much joy and such an interesting sense of existence! Perhaps it is because it is the setting of so many brilliant films, so many lovely blogs, and so many wonderful dreams. For whatever reason though, I find it to be one of the most thrilling places on this earth and long to be able to again find myself there, among the traffic, the crowds, the buildings and the ambiance, someday very soon.



12am87Throughout my life thus far, Virginia has been a place of solace, rest and recuperation. It has always supplied me with an immense sense of peace. I’m not exactly sure why, perhaps it is because it was the location of so many wonderful family vacations, though even just driving through the state makes me feel such a sense of quietness and relief. I would love to be able to live in Virginia someday, maybe raise my kids there, I can’t help but think it would be a lovely place to grow up and raise a family.


Paris, France

250774_2100457910006_368745_nOh Paris. After spending just 3 days there, it has stolen my heart forever. What a magical place, it truly is enchanted! There is just something about the air and emotion in Paris, it is so lovely and the things to see there, the food to eat there, the French language, the metro, the Seine river, everything about it is just takes my breath away and beckons me back to it. It would be such a sincere dream come true to be able to one day reside in Paris and a dream that I will hold true to for all of my life, I am sure.


The Beach

Malibu_Sunset_1I grew up visiting my grandparents in New Jersey over summers and going to the beach with fresh-cut watermelon, sandwiches and orange and grape soda filled coolers in tow. Even during the winter months when we would visit we never missed out on the chance to walk on the cold sand with our shoes off until our feet were ever so numb! Even though I would never choose to live on or even near the beach intentionally, I will never forget how very familiar it is to me. I love the sand, the heat of the sun, the uncertainty of the waves and the vastness of the ocean. I love the rising sun across the water, and the great sounds of the expanse in the middle of the night.  Altogether it makes me feel uncertainty and safety all in one place and is a feeling that will stay with me forever and is always so brilliant to relive each time I am able.


And there are 5,

5 of the places that must truly be connected to my soul,

it makes me wonder what other places are waiting for me,

what other places are meant to be a part of my existence.

I am intrigued to discover how the places I have known will blend into the places I have yet to know,

and am ever so grateful to be granted in this life such a wonderful world to know and so many beautiful places to be able to experience.


And what about you?

What are the places you are connected with?

What places do you hope to take part in someday?


2 thoughts on “:: Places ::

  1. May I suggest Bath County, VA? I went to high school there. Not the best place for doing lots of things, but the county is beautiful, the mountains gorgeous, and it is full of history!


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