January Lessons

IMG_9630 copy

IMG_9632 copy

IMG_9636 copySo many people seem to hate January.

There are so many good tidings on January first, but by evening January second many people seem to instantly despise the month of fickle weather, lost resolutions, unmet expectations, and lack of Springtime evidence.

January is the month of my birth, and I have to be honest, I have never thought to dislike it,

though I can understand why others might have those sentiments.

Winter comes and makes everyone feel like Christmas,

then Christmas comes and makes everyone feel hopeful for the new year,

then the new year comes and makes everyone ready for spring,

which leaves January as nothing more than a middle month that seems to hold back the weather and new season that everyone is anxiously longing for.

But January for me is the confirmation that a new year doesn’t mean immediate renewal of everything,

it reminds me that changes take time, new perspectives are built day by day and it is better this way.

the process is better than the immediate.

no matter how hard that is to say and try to understand. 

As we close the month of January I can’t help but want to speak out in its defense,

and to say that we should not wish it goodbye with a good riddance, but appreciate the lessons it teaches,

whatever lessons those may be year by year.

January is a time for small beginnings, a weaving of the past year into the new year,

it is good Spring doesn’t come just after Christmas,

we wouldn’t be able to handle it,

we need the in-between time.

Time is good,

current time is what makes other times good,

and we, as humanity, need time to blend.

Blend into each new season,

seasons of the year, seasons of life. 


I have to learn how to blend better, how to appreciate transition.

I don’t do well right on the cusp of change,

if I can see the coming of a good future event,

I will want it now.

waiting just seems like a waste of time,

and this perspective is evident in my entire nature and personality.

I fidget in the present,


become discontent with anything not pertaining to moving forward that future event.

January helped me with this,

even if just in the smallest of ways,

it made me feel like I really could have a shift in my perspective,

it gave me countless new experiences,

it reminded me of who I was in 2012 and also reminded me that I want to be different in 2013.

in the end,

January 2013 was good.

very good.

and I just didn’t want it to pass by without a lovely thought attached to it.

so there you have it.

you are good, January,

whatever you may be like.

and I am grateful for you,

even if I am the only one.


2 thoughts on “January Lessons

  1. I think that’s why the liturgical season includes “Ordinary Time” and “After (Season)”. We need the inbetween spaces to stretch between the two ‘bigger’ events. I’ve been having some of the same revelations myself this January. I am *extremely* impatient when I finally figure out what I want to do and can’t do it quite yet. I get angry. And then I realize this is a chance for me to learn more about patience and long-suffering and courage. Difficult but worthy things to learn. God bless Januarys, eh?


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