Always and Forever :: An Engagement Story

Here is the story,

of how the boy,

asked the girl,

to be his,


and she,

said yes.


To preface:

I like to figure things out, and normally I am pretty good at reading peoples actions and understanding how things fit together, and so I felt that once the proposal was getting closer I would begin to get suspicious and start picking up on things. However, I was not expecting Justin to propose until late March at the earliest, due to multiple different things that, as far as I could tell, had not happened yet, thus my mind was, though aware of a proposal, not counting on it yet!

now, on to the rest.


February 11th 2013

I received this email from my boss at work

‘ Thanks for your notes. Kevin and I were talking today about Valentine’s Day, and I saw that you’re scheduled to work that evening. My sister’s family will be arriving at the Alumni rooms that evening so I’ll be around hanging out and Kevin will be too, since he and Natalie celebrate V-day on the weekend. Why don’t you just take the evening off for the holiday, and we’ll cover the desk? That way you can make special plans with your boyfriend and enjoy the evening! : ) ‘

Justin and I had planned on celebrating Valentines Day on today Friday the 15th, on the night I was off work, and I was completely alright with that and excited to have a small and not super fancy date with Justin since it had been since the semester had started that we had been able to go out together on a true date.

When I read the email I immediately felt so blessed that I could be granted the ability to work with such wonderful people, (Note** and even though the email turned out to not at all be what I thought it was, I still feel incredibly thrilled to have such wonderful bosses at work and amazing coworkers who kept so quiet and who supported Justin’s proposal plan so flawlessly!!)

Being told that I could take off work for the night made me feel like the Valentines Date just got a bit more special! It suddenly made me feel that the symmetry of actually going out on Valentines Day itself wasn’t so overrate-ted after all and I began to get pretty excited about our ‘little, simple date’ as Justin described it.

No thought of proposal ever crossed my mind for that night, though I had been hoping/waiting for it since December of 2012, I knew that Justin would do what was best, that he knew what I wanted and that more than anything he loved me, engaged or not engaged, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more than that!! : )


February 14th 2013

I woke up, after getting a brilliant night sleep and went off to my first class, I saw Justin right before, at which time he gave me my home made Valentine, something that made my day before we went off on any date that evening!

The Valentine, with 3 parts:

Part 1: The boy bunny gets the girl bunny’s attention.


Part 2: The girl bunny happily agrees to be the boy bunny’s valentine!!

(She is obviously thrilled to be asked by such a marvelous boy, evident by her standing on her tip toes in sheer joy!!)


Part 3: The overjoyed bunnies fall in love, are married, make a home for themselves and then ‘do what bunnies do’ and fill there home with so many little baby bunnies, the truest reflection of how much they loved each other!!



It was the sweetest Valentine I have ever received and, as I said, is what made the day start out so brilliantly!!!

I still had no thoughts at all of a proposal, and picked up on nothing about anyone’s behavior or conversation, everything was perfectly normal in my mind, and I was just on cloud nine looking at my lovely Valentine card and getting excited about the simple date I was going to have that night with my darling boy and how grand it was that I was able to get off work so ‘unexpectedly’ for it!

Throughout the afternoon I had class, Justin and I received some BRILLIANT news about something that greatly affects us, and I still worked from 5-7 (I hadn’t wanted to give up all of my hours, since it was my 7 hour shift night, and now knowing about any type of proposal I figured going out at 7 wouldn’t at all be a problem!)

Class, Waiting, News, Work,

and then at 7:00 Justin and I headed to the car and off on our date together!!

He took me to Fuddruckers for dinner, a place that we had went to for the first time right before Justin left for Christmas break!!

The back story behind going there is that I LOVE hamburgers, they are my absolute favorite  and, like I told Justin at the restaurant last night, I would choose to eat a hamburger (with tomato, lettuce, onions and cheese, of course!) over any dessert ANY day!!!

The funny story about that is that we had talked about him possibly taking me to Fuddruckers the night we would get engaged and this is what I said to him while we were sitting there last night, “Baby, maybe you shouldn’t take me to Fuddruckers the night we get engaged, because I think I would get really suspicious that a proposal would be coming, so maybe it would be best to not do that.‘ … the irony behind me saying that, and yet having NO idea that I was indeed going to have gone to Fuddruckers on the night of our engagement and I would actually have NO suspicions whatsoever about a coming proposal, just make me laugh every time. : )

After we ate it was around 8pm,

and at home things were starting to get set-up,

Sarah, Andrew, Johnny and Ryan, Caleb and Emily and Rebekah Thomas were all arranging the proposal (with strings and strings of Christmas lights), anxiously watching and waiting for when we would arrive home!

Meanwhile, Justin and I headed to spot #2 for the night

(in case it wasn’t clear, I did not know where we would be going on the date, Justin was going to surprise me! Something that, though it might seem that it would, didn’t at all raise any suspicions in my mind about a proposal, but simply convinced me that we would be going on a little date, and Justin surprising me would just make it more special!)

Spot 2 was downtown near a river where we stood in a stone amphitheater and prayed about our future together,

and though we only stood there to pray, and then went back to sit in the car to eat our cookies we got from Fuddruckers, because it was just too cold outside,

it was a special moment, and, unbeknownst to me, the last time we would pray together as a dating couple.

It is remembered in my mind as a favorite moment in the night.

So, we ate our cookies in the car and then I suggested that maybe we could go home to watch a movie and say hi to everyone really quick before heading back to campus to finish up some last-minute home work,

this supported Justin’s plan to get me to the field where the proposal would be perfectly, because it was the field right before we would arrive at my parents home and as far as I could see, it was MY idea to go home int he first place!

We drove home, with me singing loudly to none playing music, as I tend to do at times ; )

and on the way I got a text from my younger brother that said,

” Hello, did you want to watch a movie tonight or are you guys still on your date?”

This kind of text is nothing out of the ordinary and I was thrilled to be able to say that we were indeed on our way home right then to at least start a movie, a great indicator for those sneakily waiting at home nearby the proposal site, that we were headed there way!

We turned into the neighborhood my family lives in and drove up the short winding path that leads to the open area where the homes are,

soon we got close enough to see the lights lined up in the grass,

but to unsuspecting me, the lights looked a lot like embers and I immediately in my mind went into plan mode and thinking we had to put out the ‘fire in the field‘.

once we got closer I realized they were lights and then my thoughts went to

‘what is this…’

and suddenly I had to catch my breath, my mind swarming trying to connect all the pieces of what was happening!

…Just so you can get a picture of how the lights were set up, here is a diagram, 


Justin parked the car at the front of the lights walkway and quietly said,

‘Wait right there, I’m going to come get you.’

IMG_9757 copy

IMG_9756 copy

And there I was for just a few seconds alone in the quiet of the car as Justin walked around to open my door, my heart pounding, yet seeming to stand still, my mind racing, nothing made sense, nothing I thought I would have suspected had happened, I had no pieces to fit together, and was taken so off guard that this beautiful event was actually happening that night, right in that moment,

and then there he was opening the car door,

taking my hand,

walking me down the pathway of lights,

kneeling on one knee,

and asking me to be his wife.

For me there was no other possible answer, but yes.

It was all such an enchanted, unexpected moment,

I cried and he put the ring on my finger,

forever promising his love to me.

And then he held me and I cried more,

in that ‘field of fire’

we stood for those magical minutes

as an, by merely moments, engaged couple.

And then from behind me came the shouts and exclamations of friends and family, who had given up their own special Valentines Day nights to put together the most special night of my life thus far, running towards us!!

Hugs and laughter, tears and so much joy was all expressed!!!

I stood in shock and amazement as my mind reeled to make sense of what had happened, who was surrounding me with hugs and what our next step was!!

We all walked over to my sister and brother-in-laws home for another small engagement party,

IMG_9719 copy

IMG_9721 copy

complete with ‘silent’ noise makers,

IMG_9744 copy

IMG_9746 copy

carrot cake,

IMG_9716 copy

and the most wonderful, gracious hosts,

‘Mr. and Mrs. George!’ 😉

IMG_9749 copy

Through the hugs, more tears and the telling of all the stories and, finally, the hearing of all the secrets and behind the scene moments I couldn’t help but feel so overwhelmed, in the absolute best way!

I felt so much love, so much support, and so much joy from everyone who has wished us congratulations! I knew I would love being able to be engaged to the love of my life,

but I did not at all expect to feel such overwhelming love from so many dear family and friends!!

It has truly taken my breath away so many times as I receive each new congratulations and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful people, in town and across the country!


And there it is!

The story, now written!

It was a brilliant night! And the final step to the trio of engagements amongst our close friends!!

IMG_9729 copy

IMG_9724 copy

February 14th 2013. 02/14/13. 

Forever a magical time in history,

IMG_9741 copy

IMG_9753 copy

IMG_9735 copy

He is my first and only boy.

My future.

And my truest love.

To every day, my darling boy, forever,

you have my heart. 

Thank you for making me happier then I could have ever imagined. 

I love you.


5 thoughts on “Always and Forever :: An Engagement Story

  1. Yay yay yay! A little birdy told me you were getting engaged on Valentine’s Day so I went to bed the night before oh so excited for you! 🙂


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