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More and more beautiful words and realizations continue to come to mind as I think about our soon-to-be marriage.

Love : one of the greatest expressions a human being is capable of. 

Support : to have someone to strive to build a  safe place for, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Care : through every sickness and tragedy. 

 Saying goodnight : and then falling asleep side by side.

Freedom : experiencing all of this life together, with the freedom of two people committed to a marriage covenant. 

Breaking and Building : as we change and grow and learn how to still be one with each other through every obstacle. 

Change : transitioning through stages of life, with all the memories our days together  will supply us with. 

Family : he is where it begins, our babies are where it continues, and heaven is where it is perfected. 

Forever : with a promise and with a covenant we seal our future. 

Home : just one, of the hundreds of things, he means to me. 

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